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Waco, TX

Why You Get Foggy Windows

This is based on years of experience in the glass industry here in the Waco, Temple and Belton area. 

To start off, we should explain what an insulated glass is and how it is put together. And it is two panes of glass with an air space in between. This air space varies from one window to another but it is always at least ¼ inches. The larger the gap or air space, the more efficient the window will be. This space is created by what is known as a spacer, which is either a square hollow aluminum tube filled with desiccant, a swigged metal band with butyl, or foam and metal with butyl.

By far the best spacer is the square hollow tube with desiccant. So why are other spacers used if one is so much better than the others? Window manufactures are under more and more pressure to deliver a product that costs less. By using a cheaper spacer lowers cost overall when a window is sold. But this market place drive for low cost windows and manufactures desire to maximize profits has caused many windows to now be made with inferior materials. 

If this is true then why do you see window companies claim they have lifetime warranty? They are able to do this because it sounds really good when selling the product but as a percent of windows sold they almost never have to warranty one. Because homeowners sell their homes so often, they are never told by their supplier about the warranty or they never file the claim. 

Here in Central Texas we have added conditions that lead to windows failing or getting condensation in between the two panes of glass:


The extreme heat we have in the summer slowly damages the butyl seal that the two glass panes and held together with to the point that a window that is ten years old, the seal with be rock hard and very brittle. This is why you will see windows that the sun shines on all day fail first.

Soil Shifting

When a house settles it will put extra stress on the windows panes. Panes of glass are glued together thus the twisting of them will also cause the seals to come un-bonded. Or worst yet, a house can settle enough to push down the glass and break the glass. 

Replacing the entire frame is not the answer. Companies will claim that you should replace your entire window frame to fix a window that has condensation in-between the glass panes. This is a false sales pitch, to keep the window cheap you will be getting another window with even lower quality glass units.

The best answer to fixing a fogged window or window with condensation in Central Texas is to have Glass Doctor Heart of Texas replace the glass unit without replacing the frame. We can have specially made replacement glass unit that is superior to any other glass unit . And we can do so for less than you might think. Changing an existing window to a new Low-E glass unit that is made with the best products and the highest manufacture standards is the best way to add value to your home and last for years to come. 

If you're experiencing foggy windows, contact Glass Doctor Heart of Texas. We will examine your glass and give you an estimate and help you restore your home. Call us today for a free quote 254-753-7878!