Glass Doctor Pricing is Upfront with Flat Rates

Customers turn to Glass Doctor when they need glass repair or replacement because they know we’ll do the job right — and because once we promise a price, we stick to it. Never worry about ambiguous costs or hidden fees with Glass Doctor’s transparent pricing. Once our technicians give you our final estimate, you can count on us to stay at that price point.

As long as your project stays the same, so does your glass repair cost and replacement estimate. And if the scope of your glass project changes, we will be honest and upfront about the change in cost before proceeding.

Customized Estimates

In order to provide you with an accurate estimate, our professionals examine the damage to determine whether glass repair or replacement is necessary. Once we conduct an assessment, we’ll provide you with a quote that’s fair and transparent.

When it comes to our 24/7 emergency services for home and business window glass repair, our professionals work to make sure you’re safe and secure. We also will provide you with a candid Glass Doctor pricing structure for your replacement window glass.

Discounted Services

We understand that glass replacement cost and glass repair estimates can vary from one company to another, so we make it our priority to be as transparent as possible. In addition to our straightforward pricing system, Glass Doctor offers exclusive discounts when you are covered by one or more of our service plans.

Check out the glass repair and glass replacement cost savings programs available for your home, vehicle, and business:

  • Take advantage of our Advantage Plan for your home: As an Advantage Plan member, you can be confident that you are receiving the best possible savings for any future home glass repair costs. Savings amounts may vary by location, so be sure to check with your local Glass Doctor for more information.
  • Get more coverage with our Full Service Plan for auto glass: Our Full Service Plan for autos entitles you to a discount for choosing our wiper blades, hydrophobic coating, and future installation option bundle. Keep your vehicle’s windshield spotless and protected all for a packaged, reduced price.
  • Prepare your business for potential disasters with our Advance Measurement System: Your business can have peace of mind in case your glass breaks by enrolling in our Advance Measurement System program. During our initial visit, we make a diagram of the glass entryways in your commercial building. If your glass is damaged, you can simply give us the glass type you need based on your building’s diagram. Instead of visiting your establishment twice to assess the glass type and damage, our professionals will only need to come out once for installation, lowering your labor costs and replacement time significantly.

FAQs about Glass Doctor Pricing          

Does Glass Doctor charge extra to clean my broken glass in an emergency situation?

No. The cleanup that Glass Doctor performs during an emergency visit is to ensure that you and your family or coworkers remain safe during our board-up process and is included as part of our service. Our main focus is to eliminate any immediate danger you may face from handling broken glass — not to let extra service costs prevent you from remaining safe.

Is there any chance that my estimate could somehow change?

Once we examine the damage to your glass and give you an estimate, the price is final. The only way that your estimate would change is if you add or take away a service from the scope of the work. We go out of our way to make sure that our customers truly understand what service will be performed and how much it will cost.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace glass?

It’s generally cheaper to repair glass, but it’s difficult to make a final determination on how much each option costs without knowing factors such as:

  • What type of glass is being repaired or replaced (car window, home window, commercial window, etc.)?
  • How large or small is the damaged piece of glass?
  • What is the nature of the damage to the glass? Depending on how compromised your glass is, repair may not even be possible.

To get an accurate estimate of how much your glass repair or replacement will cost, schedule an appointment online with one of our glass professionals today.

Is there an Advantage Plan or Advance Measurement System for auto repair?

No. Typically these plans aren’t needed for auto repair, as auto glass has different replacement and repair parameters than window repair and replacement. We do have the Full Service Plan for vehicles that entitles you to a discount on services designed to keep your vehicle’s windshield in pristine shape.

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Don’t allow damaged or broken glass to linger for fear of being ripped off by a glass repair shop. Glass Doctor’s transparent pricing and reliable glass installation and repair ensure that you’re well informed and comfortable upfront with all glass repair and replacement services to be performed.

Learn more about why you should choose Glass Doctor for all your glass needs, and give us a call at (833) 974-0209 to get started today!