Blogs in February 2017

If you’re wanting to update your fireplace but unsure how, this DIY fireplace screen is a great option. With the help of an old window, your fireplace will be looking new and improved. It’s also perfect as we head into spring, keeping the hearth fresh while it’s not being used!

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Cracked glass varies in consequences, depending on the specific type of glass. In commercial and residential glass manufacturing, two common glass types include Borosilicate and Soda-lime silicate. The timeline of a crack spreading, the risk of it shattering and whether or not the glass will...Continue Reading

Cleaning glass can be an enormously frustrating experience, especially for the perfectionist. After all the effort you put into cleaning, you expect glass to sparkle. Luckily, the streaking and hazing issues that tweak your temper post-wash (you know – when the sun hits the glass just right) are...Continue Reading

Being conscious of the energy efficiency of your home is a wise and worthwhile endeavor. Unfortunately, this leaner, greener energy path can sometimes have you shuddering at investment costs. New windows often top the list of highly-debated, cringe-worthy investments, but when it comes to...Continue Reading