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Building and remodeling a home comes with lots of decisions. Considering a heavy glass shower enclosure is one of the easiest decisions you can make. Today’s glass shower enclosures come in Frameless, Semi frameless and Framed...Read more

If you are planning a remodel or building your new home, consider a heavy glass shower enclosure. The popularity of Frameless and Semi frameless shower enclosures has grown tremendously over the years due to the beauty and convenience of the many styles and types of glass. Not only are they easy...Read more

Installing a new custom glass shower can be very expensive. More often than not one of the most expensive components of a shower install is the glass. Glass cost is typically one of the last things customers take into account when doing a bathroom remodel. This is especially true when it comes...Read more

The number one problem that we see with Framed Shower Enclosures is the shower door failing, we go out on service calls about this issue every week. So how does this happen? Well over time the hinge eventually wears out. More specifically, the metal fatigues along the length of the hinge and...Read more

To sell your home at the best price, put it on the market in early summer.'s statistics say that spring and early summer are the most popular season to buy a home, and spring's feeling of fresh newness helps homes look their best. The teams at Glass Doctor® of Victoria work...Read more

Springtime and early summer is the heart of home buying season. Buyers see the property in the best light, get a feel for what the yard and planters look like in full bloom, and enjoy a walk around the home without the stifling heat of summer.

With so many homes on the market, you need...Read more

According to, one of the best times to sell a home is early summer - and for good reason. Buyers aren't busy with the holidays and are more willing to go house hunting when the weather is more favourable. Not to mention that early summer is the time of year when your home will be seen...Read more

The results are in and no one is surprised: April 2016, Huffington Post revealed that homes listed between May 1 – May 15 sold about 18.5 days faster than homes listed during other timeframes. Glass Doctor® of Sarnia / Lambdon County has several ideas to make your house buyer-...Read more

If you’re selling your home this summer, you’re in good company. It’s a popular time to put a house on the market, so you’ll need to make sure that your home stands out among the rest. For a quick home sale at a good price, you can count on Glass Doctor® of Oxford County for expert...Read more

The housing market is extremely competitive. According to, the first step in selling your home is to make it as attractive as possible by updating certain key elements. Prospective consumers are interested in functional aspects, such as insulation factors and the age of the roof, as...Read more