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If you have a dinged or cracked windshield, it’s important to react as quickly as possible to prevent the need for a windshield replacement. But what if you don’t have time to repair the windshield right away? Is there a way to stop the crack from spreading?...Read more

Wintry weather has its ups and downs; the “downs” are often below zero temperatures! Hopefully you’ve stored your spring and summer lawn maintenance equipment and dusted off your snowblower and shovels. If you’ve put your salt or gravel containers in a convenient location, you’ll be well...Read more

Anyone who recalls the great blizzard of 2007 knows that winters in Saskatoon can be extremely harsh. That’s why it’s so important to give your home a once-over and perform any necessary winter preparation tasks and repairs before the cold sets in. Getting your home ready for the cold winds,...Read more

Winter is here, which means scheduling an inspection with one of our glass specialists ensures that your windows are in good condition during the winter season. your home for the dropping temperatures. Preparing your home for winter will not only help keep you and your family comfortable, doing...Read more

The chilly winter weather wreaks havoc on homes. As a homeowner, you might be worrying about frost, drafts and water damage. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to prepare your windows for the winter months. If your needs go beyond what you can do yourself, the team at Glass...Read more

Winter often comes on quickly, and despite knowledge of the calendar year and seasons, takes homeowners off guard. There are ways to avoid emergencies, and that is to prepare yourself ahead of time, and Glass Doctor® of [franchise:location- name] can help you do just that. Preparing...Read more

The number one problem that we see with Framed Shower Enclosures is the shower door failing, we go out on service calls about this issue every week. So how does this happen? Well over time the hinge eventually wears out. More specifically, the metal fatigues along the length of the hinge and...Read more

It can be upsetting when your windshield gets hit with a stone on highway 64 and it cracks.  There you are wondering how do I get my windshield replaced, are my insurance rates going to increase, and what about the quality of the glass.

Glass Doctor is a preferred insurance repair...Read more

Winter is on the way and its important to take care of that chip before it's too late! Flying rocks, gravel and debris are bad enough in the summer. Add freezing temperatures, ice, hail and low visibility to the mix and chips become very hazardous in the winter.

Why and when is a chip...Read more

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When you think of glass services, what immediately comes to your mind?  Most likely you think of broken windows, shower door...Read more