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Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It serves the multipurpose of needing to be functional, stylish and beautiful at the same time. Whether you’re considering upgrading or completely renovating your bathroom, we have some shower upgrade ideas you might want to consider...Continue Reading

If you have decided it’s time to change some things up around your home and are considering replacing your current patio door(s), you may be getting overwhelmed by all the options. Do you go with sliders, swinging doors, or maybe something a little more elegant, French doors? And what material...Continue Reading

There are few things in your home more beautiful or demanding than frosted glass. However, despite its beauty, frosted glass can be difficult to keep clean and shiny. So, what are the best ways to clean and care for your frosted glass? Let’s look at the best materials and techniques to use on...Continue Reading

When you want a panoramic view of the great outdoors, sliding glass doors are the way to go. They give your house a more open feeling and provide natural light to your den, living room, or even your bedroom. However, like most of the items in your household, sliding doors need regular...Continue Reading

The amount of natural light that enters your home daily can have a direct impact on your productivity, mood, even your energy cost. Studies have shown that increasing natural light also helps improve productivity, lightens your mood, and creates a stronger connection to your environment. However...Continue Reading

If your house has wood windows, upgrading to new vinyl windows can be a budget-friendly way to cut down on maintenance requirements and cost. Of course, both options come with their own sets of pros and cons. Deciding which type of window to choose can be confusing. We breakdown the advantages...Continue Reading

Sure, the windows in your home provide an aesthetic and functional purpose. But depending on the type you have; they can also help reduce your overall energy cost and add value to your home. In this article we’re going to compare the energy efficiency, cost and features of both casement windows...Continue Reading

If you're a homeowner looking to save money, one of the first things you should focus on is improving the energy efficiency of your home—specifically, your windows.

Heat loss and gain through your home’s windows are responsible for about 30% of your...Continue Reading

Sliding doors are versatile, aesthetically pleasing, and incredibly functional. From custom designs to standard options, there are more choices than ever for homeowners like you. Paired with innovations in glass technology, there’s never been a better time to replace your existing sliding door...Continue Reading

It’s not uncommon to replace a single broken windowpane from time to time, or even a whole window. But what about replacing multiple windows? If you’re considering upgrading the windows in your home, is it best to replace them all at once, or gradually over time?

Replacing your windows...Continue Reading