Blogs in August 2019

Hurricane shutters are designed to help secure homes and businesses in storm-prone regions. Homeowners located in coastal regions are urged to install hurricane shutters to their windows, and in some areas, it may be mandatory to bring your home up to code with hurricane shutters during home...Continue Reading

A storm window is an additional window that is installed over top of your existing windows to add wind protection and provide more extensive insulation, all while regulating the temperature inside your home by preventing inside air from leaking out and outside air from creeping in. Removable...Continue Reading

Wondering if you should board up your home or businesses windows in advance of a hurricane? The simple answer is yes, and as early as possible!

Unlike a tornado or an earthquake, weather forecasters can accurately predict the likely path and strength of a hurricane well in advance of the...Continue Reading

Have you ever wondered about hurricane windows – what they’re made of or what makes them so strong? Hurricane windows are a type of window engineered to be much stronger and more durable than standard glass windows. Recommended for homes in hurricane and storm-prone regions, hurricane windows...Continue Reading