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Have you ever noticed a parked car or truck with windshield wipers pointing up? It’s no secret that freezing rain and snow can cause a mess on icy roads – but they can make problems for parked vehicles, too.

Some vehicle owners move their windshield wipers up, off the surface of the...Continue Reading

A wild windstorm kicks up in the night and you are relieved to see your car parked outside is completely unscathed … save for the tree branch jutting out of the rear window! After clearing the leaves and debris from the backseat, there’s a broken window to deal with.

What is the best way...Continue Reading

It’s a sunny afternoon and you’re cruising with the radio up and your arm resting out the window. You pull into the gas station for a cold drink, go to roll the window up and … nothing. It’s stuck. Turning the ignition, fiddling with the switch and berating it with a few choice words does little...Continue Reading

If you’re seeking a streamlined, sophisticated look for your home or business staircase, you will likely come across design inspiration that features popular glass stair railings. The visual is striking, but did it leave you wondering, “Are glass stair railings safe?” 

If you love the...Continue Reading

Do you have a mirrored wall that needs a fresh new look? Maybe you’re thinking of removing your mirrored wall entirely because you’ve wondered, “Are mirrored walls out of style?”

Before you throw in the towel and attempt to take it down – which may create unwelcome repair expenses – why...Continue Reading

Looking for a nice, shady parking spot to hide away from the hot July sun? Be careful! Parking under a pine tree might leave your windshield covered in sticky pine sap.

All trees produce sap, but pine trees are known for producing an excess amount of it. That sticky sap – a mix of fluid...Continue Reading

What are the telltale signs of a leaking window seal? And more importantly, how can you fix it? Whether the water is entering through the windshield, door windows or sunroof, there are ways to make your car watertight once again.  

Learn what to look for and how to perform temporary car...Continue Reading

Glass barn doors are a hot new trend in interior design. As homeowners pivot from farmhouse comfort to modernism, many find glass barn doors are the perfect marriage between rustic and polished.

And these beautiful doors aren’t just trendy – they’re highly functional too! If you’re...Continue Reading

Here at Glass Doctor®, we’re nuts about mirrors. Mirrors have always been some of the most important pieces of furniture in the home. But these days, mirrors aren’t just functional – they can completely transform the look of a space. So, if the only mirror in your home is above the...Continue Reading

Skylights are a great feature in any home. They allow natural light to flow in, provide a unique view to the great outdoors, and make your home feel more spacious, all while maintaining privacy. But, like any other component of your home, wear and tear over time means eventual repair or...Continue Reading