Rear Window Glass Replacement Services

Think chips and cracks are limited to your front windshield? Think again. From accidents to flying debris or weather-related incidents, it’s possible for your rear glass to experience considerable damage.

Due to the nature of rear glass manufacturing, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to repair your back glass in a way that meets our safety standards. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get you back on the road! Keep you and your passengers safe with affordable and efficient rear window replacement from the experts at Glass Doctor. Call (833) 365-2927 or request an estimate today!

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The Glass Doctor Rear Glass Replacement Process

Our team members approach rear window replacement in the same manner as a windshield or window replacement. In the shop or if we meet you at your location, your local Glass Doctor will:

  • Carefully remove the damaged rear glass, remove any debris, and clean the opening.
  • Acquire a new back window that matches the OEE (original equipment equivalent) quality standards.
  • Apply Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC)-approved adhesive to the rear window opening.
  • Place the new glass in the opening, following AGSC procedures. We’ll ask that you observe the recommended drive-away time, allowing the adhesive to cure for safe driving.

Paying for Rear Glass Replacement

The cost of replacing your rear window will vary based on the make and model of your vehicle and the presence or lack of a rear window defroster. Some car insurance policies will cover all or most of the cost of necessary back glass replacement. For the most accurate quote, contact Glass Doctor for an estimate.

Our Windshield Protection Plan for Back Windshield Repair

We’re happy to offer customers two windshield coverage plans:

Our Windshield Protection Plan is provided at no extra cost with your windshield replacement, offering unlimited repairs or one additional replacement within 12 months of the original installation date. Keep in mind that labor, moldings, and adhesive are not included. Additionally, damage due to collisions, vandalism, or acts of God are not covered.

Our Limited Windshield Warranty differs from our Protection Plan in that it does cover labor and offers a lifetime warranty against leakage. If you were to experience a leak or manufacturing error that impairs vision while the warranty is active, we’ll reseal the glass or provide a replacement windshield free of charge.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Rear Window?

With Glass Doctor, replacing your rear window is quick and easy – most of our customers and in and out in under an hour! Better yet, our mobile windshield repair team can come to your location to save you even more time and/or spare you from driving with an unsafe rear window.

In the event that we can’t repair your windshield in a single day, we’ll be upfront with you about our time requirements and work with you to find availability or secure the necessary materials. Contacting your local Glass Doctor as early in the day as possible offers the best chance of being served that same day.

How To Tell If Your Windshield Requires A Replacement

There are several factors that will determine whether your vehicle requires a full rear windshield replacement rather than a repair. You’ll need to consider the size, depth, and location of damage. The service professionals at Glass Doctor can help assess these variables to evaluate whether repair or replacement is more viable.

  • Size of Damage: If the windshield fracture is larger than a certain size, usually defined as a chip or crack larger than a dollar bill (around 6 inches), replacement is typically necessary.
  • Location of Damage: Damage near the edges of the glass usually requires a replacement rather than a repair. Fractures in this area can affect the integrity of the window seal, leading to water leaks, air leaks, and potential corrosion of the frame.
  • Depth of Damage: For chips or cracks that have penetrated deep into the layers of the windshield, a repair may not be effective in restoring the structural integrity.
  • Previous Repairs: If your glass has already undergone multiple repairs, it may be more prone to further damage, making replacement the better option.

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Let Glass Doctor Fix Your Rear Windshield Panes And More

Glass Doctor is dedicated to fixing your home, business, and auto glass needs. In addition to rear glass repair and replacement, we offer several other auto glass services:

As a proud Neighborly company, we’re pleased to offer our Neighborly Done Right Promise with which you can be assured that your window repairs and replacements will be completed to the highest standard on every occasion. In the rare case that it isn’t, reach out to us within one year and we’ll come back out to make it right.

In the front or in the back, auto glass is vital to the safety and function of your vehicle. Don’t delay glass replacement. Call (833) 365-2927 to speak with a representative or schedule an appointment.