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If you're looking for a strong, safe, and versatile glass solution for your home or business, tempered glass is an excellent choice. It provides enhanced durability, reduces the risk of injuries, and offers a clear and aesthetically pleasing look. Tempered glass, also known as toughened glass,...Continue Reading

When it comes to commercial options, all glass doors are not created equal. The type of glass door that you choose can make a big difference for your business.

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Customers often get their first impression of an establishment even before they enter. For this reason, which storefront doors you select matters.

Many owners believe that they need to research only the type of glass used in storefront doors, but many other factors exist. Whether you’re...Continue Reading

Residential glass stair railings are growing in popularity, and for a good reason! They’re attractive, make spaces seem larger, and are adaptable to a variety of areas. However, many people still wonder if glass rails for stairs, decks, or balconies will work for their specific property. At...Continue Reading

When you want a panoramic view of the great outdoors, sliding glass doors are the way to go. They give your house a more open feeling and provide natural light to your den, living room, or even your bedroom. However, like most of the items in your household, sliding doors need regular...Continue Reading

Sliding doors are versatile, aesthetically pleasing, and incredibly functional. From custom designs to standard options, there are more choices than ever for homeowners like you. Paired with innovations in glass technology, there’s never been a better time to replace your existing sliding door...Continue Reading

Whether you’re moving into a new home with a beautiful dining room, or you want to redesign your open kitchen/dining room space, a custom-made table with a glass tabletop can be the perfect focal point. Designing and building...Continue Reading

Sure, your sliding glass door may be an attractive entryway, but just how efficient is it? It should come as no surprise that sliding patio doors can be a major source of heat loss in a home. If not sufficiently insulated, sliding glass doors can make a room drafty or downright cold. This is...Continue Reading

Glass gets scratched — it’s a simple fact of life. Thankfully, you may be able to fix those scratches without having to replace the pane.

If you’re dealing with tempered glass, such as a shower door, ...Continue Reading