All About Our Custom Glass Solutions

Your home’s windows, doors and furniture should be as unique as you.

At Glass Doctor®, we specialize in custom glass solutions that not only meet your needs but fulfill your desire for quality custom glass. Instead of buying a typical sheet of glass at your local home improvement store, get custom-cut glass with Glass Doctor, and you will have limitless options for decorating any space in your home.

From beveled edges to tempered glass – our technicians are equipped and ready to help you envision, design, measure, order and install your new, custom glass that will be a unique, functional aspect to your home or business.

Read on to learn more about Glass Doctor custom glass solutions.

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Glass Doctor Custom-cut Glass Solutions

From window pane replacement to custom glass tabletops, backsplashes, floating shelves and more – Glass Doctor is your source for custom-cut glass.

Ready to learn more about ordering custom glass from Glass Doctor? We’ve dedicated this page to sharing everything you need to know about choosing, designing and measuring your custom glass and more. See the list links below to learn about your options and our process:

Custom Glass Solutions Designed for Every Room

Glass Doctor custom-cut solutions use standard, tempered glass and laminated glass, finished to your specifications to help you reach your home glass goals.

From the purely functional like custom-sized window pane replacement to aesthetic upgrades like floating shelves; we have a custom-cut glass solution for you:

  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Patio

Bathroom Custom Glass Solutions

Our glass experts can make any bathroom look bigger with glass shower enclosures, glass shelving and custom-cut mirrors.

We have a wide range of glass thickness options, ranging from less than an ⅛ of an inch to as wide as ¾ of an inch, and recommend that bathroom glass solutions be crafted using custom-cut tempered glass. You’ll have the opportunity to decide what fits best for your home – and we’ll make it happen.

During our in-home consultation, we’ll measure your bathroom space, make additional recommendations and schedule a follow-up appointment to install your new product.

Learn more about our popular bathroom custom glass solutions and shower glass:

Custom Bedroom Glass

From skylights to strategically placed mirrors and custom glass shelving, there are many ways to incorporate glass into the design and function of your bedroom.

One of our favorite uses for custom mirrors is through the installation of custom glass closet doors.

From patterned glass to mirror inserts, and custom doors cut to any size, there’s no limit to the opportunities that exist for homeowners seeking custom closet doors.

Custom-cut tempered glass can be used to build floating shelves, desktops, dresser tops and nightstand tops.

Kitchen Custom Glass Solutions

Custom Glass Dining Tables

In the kitchen, you can use glass to create a kid-friendly glass tabletop that’s spill-proof and easy to clean, or a modern design masterpiece that’s the focal point of your kitchen.

You’ll be able to customize your glass tabletop by color, shape, size and edging profile. We can create a variety of shapes, including:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Custom Shape

To gather more ideas, check out these popular edge profiles:

Learn more about Glass Doctor custom glass dining table solutions and Glass Doctor furniture glass solutions.

Other Popular Custom Kitchen Glass Solutions:

Custom Glass for Living Rooms and Hallways

Big windows and strategically placed lights and doors with tempered glass inserts can go a long way to making a small hallway or living room feel bigger.

At Glass Doctor, we love to transform spaces using these glass and mirror tricks of the trade.

Looking to freshen up or expand your space? Try these tips:

  • Installing aesthetically-pleasing custom glass mirrors to make your living room or hallways appear bigger by reflecting light into the space.
  • Incorporating large windows, custom glass doors or several small windows into a living area to allow natural light to shine through.
  • Installing custom glass floating shelves to provide beautiful light storage in any space.

Patio: Custom Cut Glass Fit for the Outdoors

Glass solutions are not only functional – bringing the outside in – they’re sturdy and aesthetically pleasing options for outdoor furniture, enclosed spaces like patios, and more.

Some of our favorite tips to incorporate custom glass into outdoor spaces include:

  • Installing custom sliding glass doors that connect your patio to your living space for a design-friendly and beautiful way to bring natural light into your home.
  • Enclosing your patio with large glass windows to extend the feeling of your living space, making it the perfect outdoor area for your home.
  • Bringing light into your garage or outbuildings on your property with custom glass for garage doors.
  • Incorporating glass in your outside patio space, which can be specially built to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

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