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Window Screen & Screen Door Repair

Window screens and screen doors allow homeowners to bring the outside in without allowing critters and debris into the house. Screens handle a lot of abuse, from children’s hands to cat claws and long-term exposure to the elements, so it’s no wonder this hardworking component of your home is showing signs of wear and tear. If your standard screen or sun screen is torn, broken or otherwise compromised, it’s possible for pests to enter your home uninhibited.

At Glass Doctor, we understand the importance of keeping critters out and your home safe and secure in any kind of weather. Many of our local offices offer fast, efficient and affordable window screen repair to help you keep the warm weather in and uninvited guests out. Contact your local Glass Doctor for expert screen door and window screen repair.

Glass Doctor Window Screen Repair

From awls to splines and replacement screen material, window screen repair is often more difficult than homeowners estimate. Ensuring a tight fit and a good seal for the replacement material is a delicate and often frustrating process. To enjoy the full benefits of window screens, you need quality maintenance. Glass Doctor team members are well versed in window screen repair, allowing them to make quick work of even the biggest repair jobs. Call your local Glass Doctor to learn how our team can make your screens look like new.

Screen Door Repair by Glass Doctor

Screen doors provide added security for your home and protect your exterior door, a more expensive door, from damage. Read more about the benefits of screen doors on the Glass Doctor blog. To experience the full benefit of an exterior screen door, it’s important to repair or replace the screen as necessary. If your screen door is looking a little worse for wear, it’s time to give Glass Doctor a call. We guarantee you’ll be impressed by our affordable and efficient screen door repair.

Looking to purchase a new screen door?

We’ve weighed the pros and cons of two of our favorite styles – sliding and retractable screen doors – on the Glass Doctor blog. Follow the links below to learn more.

The Glass Doctor Screen Repair Process

To restore your screen door or window screen, participating Glass Doctor locations will follow these steps:

  1. Select replacement screen material.
  2. Remove the screen frame from the door or window, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Size the replacement screen material to fit the screen frame.
  4. Push the screen into the frame’s channel.
  5. Replace the spline with new spline material.
  6. Trim excess screen material from the frame.
  7. Return the screen to the window frame.

While this process may seem simple, replacing screen and spline material is a deceptively delicate process. Let Glass Doctor save you time and sanity with professional screen repair.

Does Glass Doctor Install and Replace Solar Screens?

Sun screens fulfill all the goals of a traditional screen while reducing glare, providing additional privacy and reducing energy costs. Local Glass Doctor offices that offer window and door screen repair services also offer solar screen repair or installation for homeowners. Check out this post on the Glass Doctor blog to learn more about the benefits of sun screens, or contact your local Glass Doctor for a quote.

Why Choose Glass Doctor for Window Screen and Screen Door Repair?

From screen door replacement to window component repair and more, Glass Doctor is the only provider you’ll ever need for home glass, auto glass, business glass and window accessory installation and service. Since 1962, our full-service glass experts have been helping homeowners and business owners across North America find solutions to their window and custom glass questions. You let Glass Doctor fix your panes – let us fix your screens too! Call 833-974-0209 for 24/7 emergency glass service, or contact your local Glass Doctor to request a job estimate today.