Windshield Replacement and Windshield Repair

A cracked or chipped windshield isn't just a nuisance; it's a safety hazard. If your vehicle's windshield has been damaged, Glass Doctor® is here to help with our professional windshield repair and replacement services.

With prompt and convenient service that fits your timeline, our local service professionals will get you back to driving safely in no time.

Car windshield with large cracks spread across front window.

Glass Doctor Windshield Services

Your local Glass Doctor is equipped to handle all windshield repairs or replacements. Our locations offer:

  • Windshield replacement: Sometimes windshields need to be replaced rather than repaired. Our expert specialists can install your new windshield.
  • Windshield Protection Plan: We offer a 12-month warranty for newly installed windshields. If you get a crack or chip in your windshield, we'll fix it. If we cannot reasonably repair the damage, we'll replace the windshield with no charge for the glass.
  • Windshield repair: Minor chips can create major problems. We'll repair your windshield so that it's like new again.
  • Rear windshield replacement: Our services aren't limited to front-facing windshields. We'll replace your back glass to restore a safe backward view.
  • Mobile Auto Glass Repair: Our mobile unit can come to you for easy and convenient windshield repair.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration: During windshield replacement, we make sure that your sensors and cameras are properly calibrated to ensure you are getting the most out of your vehicle's advanced features.

Cracked windshield looking out to Glass Doctor specialist and owner of car

Windshield Replacement with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Calibration

There's more to your windshield than what meets the eye. Most new vehicles are equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS, technologies that are directly linked to proper installation of your windshield.

ADAS technologies like lane departure warning systems, intelligent speed adaptation, and parking sensors are designed to increase the safety of your driving experience. They are also often dependent on a windshield-mounted camera. If your camera is not calibrated correctly after your windshield installation, it negatively affects your camera's function, which can pose a danger to you and others on the road.

Our Glass Doctor professionals employ the industry's latest technology to calibrate your windshield-mounted camera for ADAS functionality as part of our windshield replacement service.

Find Your Local Glass Doctor Windshield Replacement Services

Two Glass Doctor specialists replacing a new windshield into a car

With 60 years of experience and approximately 260 North American locations, there's no better choice than Glass Doctor when it comes to windshield services. Contact your local Glass doctor for more information about servicing your vehicle. With locations throughout the U.S. and Canada and our mobile windshield service, you're never far from a local Glass Doctor auto glass professional.

Will My Car Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement and Windshield Repair?

It depends on your individual auto insurance policy, but Glass Doctor works with all major insurance carriers. We will even handle the insurance filing for you. Glass Doctor will help you confirm your insurance coverage when you schedule an appointment.

FAQs about Windshield Repair Services

Can I repair a chip in my windshield?

The ability to repair a windshield is largely dependent on the location and severity of the damage. If your windshield has chips (under 1 inch) that are not in the driver's line of sight, it can likely be repaired by a professional. However, if the chip is over an inch long or in a tough location, you may need windshield replacement.

Can a chip in my windshield spread again even after it has been repaired?

Untreated chips do spread, obstructing your outside view. A windshield chip that has been repaired is not likely to spread, although there's no guarantee of this. However, we do offer a guarantee with a full windshield replacement.

It's called the Windshield Protection Plan. If your new windshield gets damaged — or if cracks spread — within a year, we will repair your windshield free of charge. If we cannot reasonably and safely repair it, we'll replace it.

Can you repair windshields made of both laminated glass and tempered glass?

Windshields are typically made of laminated glass because it tends to be safer in the instance that it breaks. The windshields that we replace are made of laminated glass and are known for qualities such as noise and weather insulation, safety, and durability.

Trust Glass Doctor with Your Windshield Repair and Windshield Replacement

Don't let windshield damage threaten the safety of your family. Our auto glass specialists have the skills and experience necessary to determine your windshield replacement and repair needs. Call 833-974-0209 for service or schedule an appointment online.