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You’ve invested time and energy in making your home beautiful and welcoming and for all to enjoy. Unfortunately, cloudy or foggy glass windows can significantly diminish your home’s appearance and cast a hazy filter that competes with your view. Fortunately, restoring the clarity of your windows is possible with the right techniques and in some cases, help from the pros. In this guide, we'll walk you through effective methods to clean cloudy glass windows and bring back their shine.Continue Reading

Commuters, this one's for you.

Knowing when a windshield can be repaired versus when it needs to be replaced is essential. Although it might just seem like a superficial problem, a cracked windshield impacts your safety and visibility.

But can you repair a cracked windshield? Not...Continue Reading

When a rock hits your car windshield, there’s no need for panic – if the impact has resulted in a small chip or crack, it may be an easy fix. Chips and cracks are not just aesthetic imperfections; they pose a real danger to your safety if left untreated. If the damage is more extensive, such as...Continue Reading

When cars first debuted in the 1900s, windshields were an optional feature. Consumers who bought a windshield as an add-on item generally had extra money to spare. Today, windshields are a standard part of every car purchase because driving is a dangerous feat without them.

Windshields are made of laminated glass that’s specifically designed to keep you and your passengers safe from UV rays, flying debris, and even ejection in the event of an accident. It’s important that you know the windshield features that affect your safety and well-being. Check out what the experts at Glass Doctor have to say about why they matter so much.Continue Reading

The holliest, jolliest time of year is just around the corner! With that comes all the wonderful winter activities that are best that time of year. One time-honored tradition is gathering your best chorus and tunes and going door-to-door caroling.

We at Glass Doctor know that...Continue Reading

Every American has their own unique routine when it comes to personal hygiene. But have you ever wondered how your daily practices stack up against those of your fellow countrymen? From the bustling streets of New York to the Rocky Mountains of Montana, hygiene habits vary more than you might...Continue Reading

During hurricane or storm season, any property located outdoors is a liability — including storefront windows and doors. Regular glass storefronts may break under harsh conditions, posing multiple safety and security hazards. That’s because normal glass requires only a moderate amount of impact...Continue Reading

You may live in a cold-weather environment, but that doesn’t mean your house has to be one. If your goal is to control the temperature in your home, simply adjusting your thermostat may not be enough. The right windows allow you to minimize the amount of heat or cold that leaves and enters your...Continue Reading

Want to improve the way your home looks and feels? The type of windows you choose can set the tone for your home’s overall aesthetic and enhance your living space’s comfort. Whether you prefer the vintage “crank” functionality of casement windows or the natural light that wider bay windows...Continue Reading

So you’ve chipped or cracked your windshield. Now what? Do you repair it? Replace it? How do you know which is the best option?

This is a common question for many car owners who’ve damaged their windshields—and the experts at Glass Doctor® have the answer.

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