Peace of Mind Glass Protection

An alarm system can be a great deterrent against intruders, but it will not prevent someone from breaking into your home or business. If you are looking for real peace of mind protection, consider upgrading the windows and doors in your home or business to safety glass. Safety glass offers an invisible layer of protection that is nearly indestructible.

This protective glass blends seamlessly into your home or storefront because it can be easily retrofitted into existing windows, doors, and storefront frames. This helps reduce installation time and overall expense. Safety glass provides an added layer of security and protection for your home and business, and is one of the best ways to protect your property and loved ones from a break-in.

Safety and Security Glass Options:

  • Glass that is virtually invisible using a glazing shield can be mounted in front of your existing window and glass doors to help prevent forced entry.
  • Glass that deters forced entry into a structure minimizes damage from projectiles (including firearms).
  • Glass that combines strength with elegance and style. An added level of security that is ideal for high-end storefronts.

Benefits of Safety and Security Glass Windows and Doors

  • Helps deter intruders and smash and grab attempts
  • Makes break-ins more difficult
  • Increased level of security for occupants
  • Improved level of safety compared to security films and standard security glass
  • Looks better than shutters, barred windows, and metal gates
  • Provides occupants with additional time during emergency situations

Safety and Security Glass Usage:

Safety glass offers the kind of invisible protection that can be used in a variety of situations. Since safety glass can be retrofitted to the existing structure it can be used in residential homes, schools, and retail and commercial properties. Religious facilities, government buildings, and medical centers can also benefit from the added protection that safety and security glass provides.

Safety and Security Glass is Ideal for Use In:

  • Residential Homes
  • Schools and Campuses
  • Retail Stores
  • Commercial Properties – Office Buildings
  • Government Buildings
  • Religious Facilities
  • Event Centers
  • Medical Centers
  • Media Buildings

This glass is not only a deterrent against intrusion, but it can also provide protection against natural disasters like hurricanes and severe weather. In situations where projectiles might damage or break traditional glass, safety and security glass can protect your occupants, home, and business from extensive damage. This can help reduce loss of life and property. In some situations, the installation of safety and security glass may also help lower insurance premiums for homeowners and businesses.

Safety Glass FAQ’s

Is all safety glass bullet resistant?
No. Not all safety glass is bullet resistant. Safety glass that is used in residential and commercial situations is typically bullet resistant glass. The three most common types of bullet resistant glass are bullet resistant acrylic, laminated polycarbonate, and glass clad polycarbonate. This glass is specifically designed to stop ballistics and is rated on a 1-8 scale, with 8 providing the most ballistic protection.

Can safety glass be tinted?
Yes, safety glass is available in several different tints, the most common color being green.  Bronze and gray tints are also available. If you choose to have a film tint applied, there are many color options to choose. However, it’s best to have the installed at the factory prior to installation (ideally during manufacturing) to maintain the integrity of the window and to achieve the desired look.

Is safety glass more difficult to install and maintain?
No. Since safety glass can be retrofitted to existing window and door openings, installation is the same as with standard glass windows and doors. Special care and maintenance are not required for safety glass. It can be maintained the same as standard glass windows and doors.

To learn more about safety and security glass options plus installation, contact your local Glass Doctor. Our service professional can help you choose the right glass protection for your needs.