Emergency Business Glass Services in Westchester and The Bronx

A male Glass Doctor service professional using measuring tape to measure a residential window. When one of the windows breaks at your business, one thing is certain: You need to fix it quickly. Thankfully, Glass Doctor® of Westchester and The Bronx offers emergency business glass services to do exactly that.

When your plans get waylaid by a broken door or window, we can get to you fast to make your building safe again. Call us now for fast emergency repair, board-up solutions, and measurement services.

Emergency Business Glass Repair and Replacement Services

Your windows can break at any time, not just during standard business hours. When it happens late at night, or during a weekend, you need someone who can come and help immediately. We’re available 24/7 for emergency services, and are ready to help whenever you need us.

A broken window or glass door can be a serious safety issue, especially in a densely populated area like Westchester and The Bronx. The constant flow of passersby greatly increases the risk of theft in your store. This in turn puts your other customers and employees at risk.  

Our emergency business glass services include everything from board-up projects to immediate window replacements and more. No matter what emergency you’re dealing with, you can trust the team at Glass Doctor to show up quickly and fix your problem.

The Glass Doctor Advance Measurement System

Looking for a way to get emergency repairs done even faster? Our Advance Measurement system can help! Enroll in this program to have our team create a diagram of your commercial building. They’ll note the location and size of each glass pane in your building, making it easy to plan for repairs.

After the initial measurement visit, each glass pane is assigned a number. If any of the glass in your building gets damaged, give us a call and tell us which pane was damaged. We’ll review the diagram of your building, check to see if we have a matching pane in stock, and then replace the pane in a single visit.

The Glass Doctor Commercial Care Program

If you’re regularly in need of repair services, consider enrolling in our Commercial Care program. This program is designed to save your business time and money by providing you with:

  • Priority after-hours responses
  • Discounted emergency board-up services
  • Reduced prices on all work performed

When you enroll in our Commercial Care program, you’re saving money and gaining peace of mind. We’ll be able to take care of your emergencies faster than ever, and for a lower price than non-members receive.

Emergency Business Glass Services FAQs

What is a business glass emergency?

A business glass emergency occurs whenever a large pane of glass breaks in a business setting. These emergencies tend to involve a glass door or window, though they also include broken conference tables, decorative elements, mirrors, and other large glass installations.

The most common emergency business glass service call is for broken windows. A broken window exposes your business to the outdoors, greatly increasing the risk of theft at your company. This situation is especially concerning for retail stores, where the potential for theft is already high.

Another example of a business glass emergency would be if a large conference table or decorative element, like a glass fountain, broke. The shards of broken glass from a table could easily harm your business’s employees and visitors.

The best way to address glass emergencies is to call an emergency business glass service. They can collect the broken shards of glass, board-up any openings to the outside, and repair or replace the damaged glass.

Contact Glass Doctor of Westchester and The Bronx for Emergency Business Glass Services

If your windows or doors were recently broken, or a glass fixture in your building has shattered, you need help quickly. Glass Doctor of Westchester and The Bronx offers 24-hour emergency glass services that can help you secure your building and restore its safety. Call us right away at (914) 699-2450 for immediate emergency business glass service.