Blogs in July 2018

The windows in your home serve several important purposes. They allow light to enter, give you a view of the exterior, and ventilate your space. Double-hung windows are especially popular with homeowners because the top and bottom sashes open, offering flexible airflow options.

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Don’t keep a window shut on a beautiful day simply because the screen is damaged. Keep bugs out and cool breezes flowing with a DIY window screen replacement. Replacing a window screen is easy with a few simple tools and materials. Once you’ve gathered the necessary supplies, it’s time to...Continue Reading

Glass gets scratched — it’s a simple fact of life. Thankfully, you may be able to fix those scratches without having to replace the pane.

If you’re dealing with tempered glass, such as a shower door, ...Continue Reading

Sealing air leaks around your windows and windows frames keeps your home comfortable and energy efficient. There are many different types of weather stripping available, and you can choose an appropriate type based on window construction, window location and the size of the gap that’s causing...Continue Reading