What are Commercial Impact Glass Windows and Their Benefits?

During hurricane or storm season, any property located outdoors is a liability — including storefront windows and doors. Regular glass storefronts may break under harsh conditions, posing multiple safety and security hazards. That’s because normal glass requires only a moderate amount of impact to break. And when it does break, it darts out in all directions, putting everyone in harm’s way.

Commercial impact glass windows are designed to protect storefronts and other commercial buildings by withstanding high winds and tremendous amounts of force. Manufacturers typically test impact glass by hurling heavy objects (e.g., wooden beams, steel balls, etc.) at speeds as fast as 50 feet per second to assess its stability.

a grey glass storefront door surrounded by beige bricks

Storefront doors with impact glass installed.

When choosing storefront replacement windows, consider using commercial impact glass to ensure the safety of your property and patrons.

Benefits of Commercial Impact Glass Windows and Doors

Commercial impact glass windows were manufactured to absorb the force that severe weather conditions often cause, but their benefits don’t stop at protecting against storms. Because impact windows are made with laminated or tempered glass, store owners can expect to reap the following benefits:

  • Increased energy efficiency: If you’re running your air conditioning, impact glass can help you keep your cool air indoors. During colder months, you’ll have an easier time retaining heat. The insulation that this glass type provides makes controlling indoor temperatures a breeze, lowering your energy bill.
  • Enhanced insulation: Multiple layers help block outdoor air and noise from entering. This makes creating a unique environment for your store much simpler. You can control the temperature, music level, and even smell with little effort.
  • Upgraded security: Impact glass can be broken, but it’s no easy feat to do so. If a break-in were to occur, the perpetrator would need to put forth an astounding amount of effort and strength to penetrate each layer — which can deter crime.
  • Added UV ray protection: Depending on who your customers are and what merchandise you carry, you may be interested to know that impact glass blocks out up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays. That means less damage to your goods and more protection from overexposure to the sun. Best of all, your clientele will still be able to enjoy natural sunlight despite the built-in UV shield properties. 

FAQs About Commercial Impact Glass Windows and Doors

Is commercial impact glass made of laminated or tempered glass?

Commercial impact glass can be made of laminated glass, tempered glass, or both. Hybrid impact glass has the durability of tempered glass and the shatter-resistant nature of laminated glass.

How hard is it to break storefront replacement windows made of impact glass?

It would be extremely difficult to break through. Impact glass can withstand winds of up to 200 mph. It can also take direct hits from heavy debris and blunt objects.

How long does impact glass last?

Impact glass can last up to 25 years if installed correctly. Contact Glass Doctor® to ensure a quality and professional experience.

Security Film: A Commercial Impact Glass Alternative 

Security film — also known as window tinting — is a coating that allows for increased privacy and safety. Many use this film as an alternative to impact glass since it can offer protections including:

  • Lower glass replacement costs: The film is applied to the existing glass as opposed to installing a whole new glass window.
  • Safe breakage: In the unlikely event that your glass does break, it won’t shatter and fly out from the frame.
  • More discretion: If you’re in a field or location where privacy is important, darker window tints can give you and your customers a safe and concealed environment.

To learn more about using security film or impact glass for your storefront windows and doors, contact your local Glass Doctor professional by scheduling an appointment online or by calling (833) 974-0209