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If you have a dinged or cracked windshield, it’s important to react as quickly as possible to prevent the need for a windshield replacement. But what if you don’t have time to repair the windshield right away? Is there a way to stop the crack from spreading?...Read more

Today's vehicles are equipped with cutting-edge safety equipment, such as Lane Keep Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring Systems, and an array of other adaptive technologies. Even so, your auto glass remains a central and integral component of vehicle safety. The smallest chip or damage to your glass,...Read more

Maintaining your vehicle is important to the safety of both you and your passengers. Vehicle maintenance begins with auto glass care. Your vehicle's glass panes are the first line of defense, whether you're driving your newborn child home from the hospital or dropping your kids off at school. ...Read more

Automotive glass plays an important role in keeping the passengers in your vehicle safe. Proper auto glass installation and repair is essential to maintain the structural integrity of your car and to protect your loved ones from being injured from dangerous glass breakage. Whether you are...Read more

Keeping your auto glass in good working order is a key component of vehicle maintenance. Regardless of the length of time passengers are riding in the car, you want to keep them safe at all times. A small crack in the rear windshield or back seat side window may not seem like a big deal. However...Read more

As do your standard vehicle checks, it's a good idea to consider what you might need for auto glass care. We don't often think about the importance of our auto glass. But the windows in your car are designed especially to keep you and your...Read more

Your vehicle's safety is directly related to the quality of your glass. The type of glass in your vehicle's windshield and windows determines how it will behave when struck in an accident. But more importantly than that, your auto glass needs to be free of any cracks or chips. Not only can these...Read more

Ensuring that your vehicles are in proper working order keeps your family safe. If auto glass care is neglected, the time spent shuttling to and from work, school, and social activities exposes your passengers to unnecessary risk. Glass Doctor®...Read more

Keeping your car road-worthy takes more than just regular tune-ups. Auto glass care is vital to keeping your vehicle safe. Your windshield alone accounts for up to 60% of the structural integrity of your vehicle in the case of a rollover crash. Cars rely on specialty safety glass to keep drivers...Read more

Making sure your vehicle is in top condition begins with caring for its panes. Whether you’re driving home from hospital with a new baby or letting your kid take the car out for a spin, the best way to ensure your family’s safety is with a good first line of defense in the panes....Read more