Commercial Door Closer Service

Sensational customer service can begin the moment a customer enters your doors. Help ensure your business communicates the right message to everyone who enters by choosing a commercial door closer from Glass Doctor® of Moncton, NB.

Door Closer Operation

Manual door closers assist your visitors in seamlessly entering your business without worrying about closing the doors. Properly functioning door closers will offer slight resistance, which can give guests a sense of the door's security. After this initial resistance subsides, the door should effortlessly glide open. Once the visitor stops applying resistance, an innovative mechanism in the door ensures it returns to the frame.

Trust Our Team with Your Repairs and Maintenance

Our professionals have an immense understanding of how to maintain, install, and repair door closers. We offer an exclusive maintenance and repair program designed to help ensure all your door components are safe and in excellent condition. Consider the most common door issues to determine if you need help from our professionals.

Our service professionals typically must repair doors with the wrong type of door closer. Heavier doors need stronger closers with equally strong springs. Failure to have the proper equipment causes misalignments, safety risks, and damages to the door and closer. Improperly installed and adjusted closers can also pose a problem. It's important to always use the right tools for maintaining and installing door closers. Using the wrong tools can commonly result in:

  • Dangerous door misalignments
  • Unexpected or abnormal movements of the door
  • Expensive door frame damage

Low oil levels and seal repairs are another issue that store owners typically run into. If your seals are broken, it may result in lubricant leaks and expose clearance gaps, possibly leaving expensive hardware vulnerable. In most instances, oil leaks are indicative of a mechanical problem with the door closer, such as broken O-rings or missing screws.

It's imperative to have professional oil replacement in your door closer. When the doors are not properly lubricated, it can cause the doors to close or open too quickly, possibly injuring a customer.

Door Closer Repair and Maintenance Service

Since most doors come with a warranty, choosing an untrained or inexperienced professional could void the warranty and possibly worsen the situation. Ensure your doors are safe and the warranty is intact with Glass Doctor of Moncton, NB. In addition to door closer repair and maintenance , we specialize in door frames, hinges, glass repair, thresholds, and much more. Contact Glass Doctor of Moncton, NB today to schedule a consultation.