Blogs in March 2017

Furniture is a big investment. Are the existing tables in your home or business showing signs of wear and tear? You could wastefully throw the entire table away and spend tons of money on a new one – or you could simply replace the top, where all the wear and tear is found, with a new...Continue Reading

We take them for granted, but there is more to mirrors than meets the eye. Here’s why Glass Doctor loves mirrors, and you should too!

History of Mirrors

A mirror is typically made of glass with a flat or curvy surface, and has a reflective covering

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Smooth glass cooktops add a modern touch to any kitchen, but if yours is dirty from multiple spillovers while cooking, it may have become an eyesore. Learn more about this kitchen appliance and how to clean a glass stovetop without scratching it.

How Do Glass Cooktops Work?...Continue Reading

What’s the definition of “IGU window,” and how can you tell if you have them? The experts at Glass Doctor are sharing the full IGU meaning, benefits of insulated glass units and why you should consider upgrading to this type of window if you haven’t already.

IGU Meaning

IGU is...Continue Reading