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Waco, TX

Unsafe Auto Glass Installations

Improperly installed windshields are a much bigger safety issue than most people think.  It is important that consumers know they need to ask a lot of questions to make sure their vehicle's windshield is replaced properly. Choosing an auto glass company that has registered with the Auto Glass Safety Council is the safest place to start.

Jon Fransway, insurance agent and advocate for safe auto glass installation, shares his encounter with a poorly installed windshield.

"When my sister Jeanne died due to an improperly replaced windshield, my family learned the hard way that auto glass replacement companies are not all the same. Jeanne’s passing made it painfully clear to us that a properly installed windshield is a critical component to surviving a vehicle roll over or air bag deployment. When you think about it, glass is life as it relates to proper auto glass installation."

He encourages all consumers to demand Auto Glass Safety Council registration from the auto glass companies they choose to repair their vehicles’ glass. Many auto glass companies do not think Auto Glass Safety Council registration and compliance with the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard matters to most consumers.

"Please add your voice and join me in making sure all auto glass shops know that every customer’s safety should be their number-one priority.”