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Peace of Mind Windshield Replacement in Waco, Killeen & Temple

It sure has turned off cold these last few days, it is interesting how the road crews will put down sand and gravel even before ice forms. These extra little rocks on the road create the perfect recipe for getting a broken windshield. 

So what should you look for when having a windshield replaced?

  1. When you get a quote that is cheaper than anyone else it is cause for concern. Low cost means that low quality urethane adhesive is being use to install the windshield, which can result in a weaker windshield.  At Glass Doctor of Heart of Texas, we only use Sika MoveIT urethane to provide the quickest save drive away time for you and your family while not compromising on the structural strength of your windshield.
  2. Does the glass shop keep records of the products they use?  The AGRSS standard requires a shop to keep track of all products used. Just think, six months after a windshield is installed the glass manufacturer discovers that a batch of primer was formulated wrong. If they do a recall on the batch, and the shop does not track these lot numbers, how will they know if your replacement needs to be redone? Yes this happens each year, make sure your repair or replacement is done at a shop that is listed on Safe Windshields.
  3. The next thing to consider when having a windshield replace in Waco, Temple, Harker Heights is how long has the glass technician been installing?  At Glass Doctor of Heart of Texas we employ only experienced specialist.  Ask our team how long they have been installing windshields and you will know that we have the most experienced specialists in all of Central Texas. Here is a list of all certified technicians in the United States; does the glass you're using have a tech listed?  At Glass Doctor of Heart of Texas we have the only master certified specialists.
  4. The last thing to think about is what is the warranty that is provided? At Glass Doctor, we know that the products we use and the specialist that install your windshield are the best in class; therefore we provide you not only a lifetime guarantee that your windshield will not leak or “stress break” along with a G12 road hazard guarantee. If you windshield breaks from a rock on the road we will fix the rock chips for free for a year and you get one silver bullet to use to get the glass portion of your next install for free!

So if you want peace of mind when you're having your next windshield replaced make sure to choose Glass Doctor of Heart of Texas the only glass shop in Waco, Temple and Killeen that provides all the items listed above, every time.