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Fact or Fiction: You Should Clean Your Shower Head

We at Glass Doctor® are investigating common assumptions about household chores. Are they fact or fiction? For example: Is it really necessary to clean your shower head? There’s enough soap and bubbles used every day to keep the shower head clean, right? Or does it need a good scrubbing too? Here’s what we discovered:

Reasons to Clean:

FACT: Prevent Mineral Deposits

Your showerhead should last 100+ years if it is properly taken care of according to InterNACHI. This means keeping mineral trace deposit to a minimum that, if left unchecked, can build up over time. This build up can result in blockages, uneven spray patterns, and poor water flow as you shower. With proper care, cleaning and maintenance, your showerhead can be a one-time purchase.

FACT: Eliminate Bacteria

Looking for another good reason to get out the scrubbers? One third of showerheads tested by researchers were found to contain bacteria associated with pulmonary disease! Every time you shower you are inhaling the bacteria thanks to all that steam. Since plastic heads harbor more bacteria than metal, switching to metal could reduce this accumulation.

Some doctors say the germs are not detrimental to your overall health unless you have a compromised immune system. So, it’s nothing to lose sleep over, but following the simple cleaning steps below might help put your mind at ease.


  1. Follow these quick steps on how to clean your showerhead. Remove your showerhead by twisting it counterclockwise. If it gets stuck, you may need to use a wrench.
  2. Place your showerhead in a container that fits its size.
  3. Fill the container with distilled white vinegar so that the showerhead is fully submerged. Let it soak anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight based upon the amount of residue build up. If your showerhead is made of brass, gold, or nickel remove it out after 30 minutes so you don’t risk ruining the finish.
  4. Remove your showerhead from the vinegar and brush off the loosened mineral deposit. This can be done using a toothbrush and a toothpick for the small holes.
  5. Rinse thoroughly under running water.
  6. Reinstall your showerhead back into the pipe by screwing it clockwise.
  7. Run cold water through your showerhead to remove any excess deposit. Tighten the showerhead if you see any leaks.

FICTION: Any Shower Head Can Be Salvaged

Even the best cleaning cannot fix years of build-up. Your showerhead should be replaced if it is to the point where it is crusty. For more bathroom cleaning help, check out these tips from Molly Maid, a fellow Neighborly company.


So, our investigation uncovered that this household chore is a must. Following our easy steps will help make the cleaning process simple, and fast. Eliminate germs, and keep that shower head shiny in the process!

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