Don’t be Hoodwinked by Spring Cleaning

With spring just around the corner, many people start thinking about the arduous task of “spring cleaning.” With so many products, commercials and ads touting to be the next-best thing in home cleaning, the task of how to tackle the chores can be overwhelming.

Just as Glass Doctor® helps you get a clear view with window panes and windshield repair and replacement, we also want to take the pain out of the chore by dispelling some myths about spring cleaning.

Myth #1: Newspaper is best for cleaning windows and mirrors.

Actually, a clean, dry microfiber cloth is better than newspaper, which quickly deteriorates when wet and can leave newsprint spots on your mirror frames and window sills (not to mention your fingers).

Myth #2: There’s really no difference between sanitizers and disinfectants.

Actually there’s a clear difference. Disinfectants do in fact kill a range of germs, including cold and flu germs. But sanitizers kill more – in fact more than 99 percent of bacteria can be eradicated when using a sanitizer. So use a disinfectant around bathroom sinks and fixtures, but use a sanitizer on kitchen counters and sinks where food preparation happens.

Myth #3: A clean-smelling house is a clean house.

Sure, a pleasant aroma is nice when we walk into a room. But you need to be aware that many of the fragrances in cleaning supplies and nice-smelling candles and diffusers and sprays can have a serious impact on your friends with allergies. Choose mild, non-perfumed cleaning supplies that leave just a sparkle rather than a strong smell.

Myth #4: Manufactured, store-bought “chemicals” are best.

Chemicals can be harsh to some surfaces. Instead, Glass Doctor recommends making your own “green” cleaner combining white vinegar, water and lemon juice, which is just as effective for cleaning. However, keep in mind that vinegar should not be used on grouted surfaces. The acidity of vinegar ‘eats and deteriorates grout.

Myth #5: Dusting spray should be applied to all surfaces to be cleaned.

Yes, your surface might get clean, but spraying directly on the desk, window sills and table will also cause residue to get on the surrounding areas. Instead, spray the dusting spray on a clean cloth for the wipe-down, which will keep it from damaging picture frames, curtains and other fabrics.