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Glass Doctor of Waco, TX Blog | Page 2

This is based on years of experience in the glass industry here in the Waco, Temple and Belton area. 

To start off, we should explain what an insulated glass is and how it is put together. And it is two panes of...Continue Reading

Improperly installed windshields are a much bigger safety issue than most people think.  It is important that consumers know they need to ask a lot of questions to make sure their vehicle's windshield is replaced properly. Choosing an auto glass company that has registered with the...Continue Reading

Some of us remember growing up with windows in our homes that were a single pane of glass. During the frigid winters, you couldn’t go near the window because it was the coldest place in the house; during the summers, it was the hottest place in the house. And let’s not forget having to clean...Continue Reading