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Be Prepared: Emergency Board Up Services

Two story house with boarded wondows and doors

If a storm is headed your way, it’s wise to think about how to keep your home or business protected from potential damage. Whether you live in hurricane territory or Tornado Alley, near a river or on a fault line, weather emergencies can strike anywhere, anytime. Learn how to prepare for severe weather, including tips to board up and how to recover once the disaster passes.

How to Prepare for Severe Weather

  • Know what hazardous weather is headed your way: One of the most effective ways to stay aware of dangerous weather is to listen to an NOAA weather radio. This type of radio broadcasts continuous weather information from the nearest National Weather Service office, providing you with local, real-time weather updates and emergency alerts. Plug one in where people in your home or business are most likely to hear an alert. Put batteries in the radio as well to ensure continued alerts in a power outage.
  • Make an emergency plan: Discuss an emergency meeting place with your family in case disaster strikes. Keep emergency contact information in a safe place, such as in your wallet or saved on your phone. Make sure your business has an evacuation route and other safety protocols in place.
  • Board up your windows: While board up services are often used to protect your home or business after it’s been hit by a storm, you can also use it as a preventative measure. For instance, if your weather radio warns you a hurricane or tornado is coming, you can board up your windows from the outside to protect the glass from flying debris.

Benefits of Board Up Services

This service includes covering damaged windows with plywood so your home or business isn’t left exposed until you can have the windows replaced. The most common time to pursue board up services is after a natural disaster or burglary results in broken windows. The service provides several benefits:

  • Prevent additional damage: A wind storm, tornado or hurricane can easily break windows, leaving the interior vulnerable to further storm damage. For example, if it rains heavily the day after a big storm, this water could enter your home or business and do more damage. Boarded up windows prevent this.
  • Keep vandals and thieves out: Some people turn desperate when they lose their homes in a natural disaster. If you’re one of the lucky ones that only suffered broken windows, these gaping holes could invite vandals and thieves to enter. Keep them out by boarding up your windows.
  • Maintain insurance coverage: Many homeowners insurance policies require you to pursue board up services following a natural disaster. You increase your eligibility for coverage if you can prove that the damage your home sustained occurred during the storm, not in the days following, because your broken windows were boarded up and protected against additional damage.

Emergency Window Repair After Severe Weather

Whether you want to preemptively board up for a storm headed your way or you need to temporarily cover your broken windows after a storm, turn to Glass Doctor® for the board up services you need. While boarding up windows is a useful way to protect your home or business, the service is only meant as a temporary solution. You should seek glass repair and replacement as quickly as possible following the severe weather incident to get things back to normal. Glass Doctor® offers both emergency home glass repair and business glass services to meet your needs.