Glass Doctor Glass Cleaner

The Best Glass Cleaner Money Can Buy

Tired of an over-filled cleaning cabinet? Sick of spending money on one-use products? Glass Doctor® Glass Cleaner is the answer. Our proprietary glass cleaner is ideal for busy families and large-scale enterprises alike.

Using our knowledge and expertise in all things glass, our team developed a glass cleaner to leave all your glass, acrylic and mirrored surfaces with a streak-free shine.

Learn about our top-rated glass cleaning cleaner, available only at your local Glass Doctor.

Glass Doctor Glass Cleaner

Glass Doctor Glass Cleaner is ideal for cleaning and polishing windows, mirrors, patio doors, and shower and bath enclosures in both homes and businesses. It’s also ideal for cleaning personal and fleet vehicle windows and mirrors.

Unlike other formulations, our products not only clean – they also polish.

To use Glass Doctor Glass Cleaner, follow these five simple steps:

  1. Before cleaning, be sure to:
    • Remove items from countertops near glass surfaces that are to be cleaned.
    • Sweep or vacuum away any large crumbs, dust balls or spider webs so that you have a clear surface to work with.
    • Unplug any electrical equipment nearby prior to use. Glass Doctor Glass Cleaner is not for use on non-glass flat panel TVs.
  2. Remove protective cap and hold dispenser upright.
  3. Point valve opening toward window or glass to be sprayed, holding about 8 to 12 inches away.
  4. Press spray button. Spray on a fine mist and wipe clean.
  5. For best results, polish with a lint-free cotton cloth.

Choose Glass Doctor to Clean Your Panes and Surfaces

Let Glass Doctor help you keep your glass panes clean, year-round. Our high-quality glass cleaner is formulated for customers like you. Glass Doctor Glass Cleaner is only available at your local Glass Doctor. Contact your local Glass Doctor to purchase or learn more about home glass repairs near you.

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