Can Broken Glass in a Double Pane Window Be Repaired?

Handyman adjusting window indoors.

So, you have broken glass in a double-pane window and aren’t sure what to do. Whether your window was broken by a weather event or somebody practicing baseball in the backyard, you cannot repair the glass in a double pane window. When glass in a double-pane window is broken, both panes of glass need to be replaced to maintain your window’s efficiency. In the article below we’ll explain the reasons why you cannot simply repair the broken glass in a double-pane window and the best way to get your double-pane window fixed.

Repair Versus Replacement

If the glass is not shattered, repairing a pane of glass in a double-pane window is just a short-term solution that typically involves an adhesive placed within the cracks. The adhesive is either a type of putty or special tape that is used to prevent the window from cracking further or shattering completely. Although the glass does not have to be removed during this temporary repair, it will eventually need to be replaced.

If the glass in one or both of the panes has been shattered, then a replacement is needed. In cases where the frame is intact and not damaged, then just the glass can be replaced. You’ll want to have the replacement done as quickly as possible to avoid any weather damage to the interior of your home.

Why Glass Must be Replaced 

When the glass in a double-pane window is cracked or broken, air can travel through the window more easily. Depending on the season, hot or cold air will enter or escape your home, and rapidly lower the efficiency of your AC or furnace. This undermines the efficiency of your windows as a barrier and insulation against the elements. This also puts undue stress on your home’s HVAC system, which can increase your energy bill and eventually result in higher repair and maintenance costs. Eventually, your home will become drafty as your system works harder to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Do Both Panes Need to Be Replaced?

Double-pane windows contain two panes of glass that have air or gas in between them. The air or gas serves as insulation, which helps maintain your windows’ efficiency as a barrier against the conditions outside. Double-pane windows may also improve the efficiency of your HVAC system by helping maintain a consistent indoor temperature. When one of the panes breaks or is cracked, the air or gas escapes, causing the window to lose its ability to insulate properly. So, while repairing a single-pane glass window is an option, when it comes to a double-pane window, both panes should be installed and removed together.

Can I Replace the Panes Myself?

If you are wondering whether you can replace the glass in your double-paned window yourself, the answer is no, you cannot. Special tools are required to properly remove the damaged pane and replace the new pane. Trying to do this job without the right tools, knowledge, and expertise can be dangerous and could result in serious injury. So, if your double-pane window is damaged or broken, it’s best to contact a glass professional who has the right tools and experience to complete the repair safely.

Professional Glass Replacement

Double-pane windows work well to insulate your home against the elements and help improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. But if your double pane window is damaged or broken, don’t try to repair or fix it yourself. Glass Doctor has over 50 years of experience with window repair and replacement. We offer timely, accurate, expert glass replacement services. Call today or go online to schedule an appointment.