Power Window Regulator Repair and Replacement

Most modern cars are equipped with power windows that roll up or down with the touch of a button. Unfortunately, power windows may wear or break over time. Fortunately, many of our local service professionals repair or replace power window regulators!

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How Do Power Windows Work?

A power window regulator is the mechanical apparatus that raises and lowers the window. A power window motor is needed to power the power window regulator. Without a motor, the window would need to be manually opened via a window crank.

Power window regulators and motors are housed inside a car’s doors. Out of sight and out of mind, window regulators are rarely thought of. That is, until the malfunction.

At Glass Doctor®, we frequently see windows that no longer open or close properly due to a malfunctioning car window regulator, circuit problems or malfunctioning motors.

Read on to learn more about broken car window components and how we fix them.

How Do I Know if My Power Window Regulator Is Broken?

You need power window regulator repair or power window regulator replacement if you notice any of the following:

  • Squeaky, scraping or otherwise abnormal noises when the window is being rolled up or down.
  • The window doesn’t raise or lower evenly – it appears crooked.
  • The window slips partially or falls inside the door.
  • The window motor runs, but the window stays stationary.
  • The window is abnormally slow to open or close.
  • The window is unable to fully open or close.

Why Are Power Window Repair and Power Window Replacement Important?

Just like your windshield – or car door – car windows are an important part of the structure of your car. Operational power windows help keep passengers safe from the elements and provide structural integrity to your vehicle.

Types of Power Window Regulators

There are two popular types of power window regulators on the market today: cable type power window regulators and gear-drive power window regulators. Both types may be repaired or replaced.

What Is Wrong with My Power Window?

It’s difficult to diagnose the problem with a specific power window without an in-person consultation. However, there are a number of common problems our service professionals see.

These are:

  • A window that is stationary when the switch is pressed may mean a blown fuse.
  • A window that goes down but not up may indicate a problem with the switch or your vehicle’s power circuit.
  • A window that jams or doesn’t move when the motor runs, may be a sign of a mechanical problem with the power window regulator.
  • A window that slides down may have a problem with its anti-pinch function (the function that keeps windows rolled up and in place). More commonly, a broken regulator is the culprit.

Power Window Regulator Repair

If a cable-type window regulator has a snapped or frayed it is possible to repair the power window regulator. However, most malfunctioning power window regulators require replacement. Some power window repairs may be eligible for mobile repair, but this is service is limited by the type of repair required. Other repairs are best suited for our state-of-the-art locations.

Glass Doctor Power Window Regulator Replacement

Power window regulator replacement is fast, reliable and affordable. At Glass Doctor, we always use high-quality replacement parts. Due to the nature of power window regulator replacement, we recommend these jobs be completed in a Glass Doctor facility.

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