Windshield Repair

If your car windshield has been damaged, it’s time to evaluate your options. If the windshield is chipped or has a small crack, there’s a good chance that your local Glass Doctor can save you time and money with a convenient in-shop or mobile windshield repair. Contact your local Glass Doctor now for convenient, 24/7 emergency service.

Why Windshield Glass Repair?

Windshield repair is often a less expensive alternative to windshield replacement. If your windshield is chipped or has a crack that is shorter than three inches, it’s time to call Glass Doctor for a windshield glass repair consultation.

At Glass Doctor, we recommend a windshield repair, when possible, over replacement for four key reasons:

  1. Convenience: Glass Doctor specialists typically perform windshield repairs within an hour.
  2. Inexpensiveness: Windshield repair is far more economical than replacing the whole windshield.
  3. Insurance advantages: Because of the economic advantages of repair vs. replacement, many insurance companies will waive your deductible and pay for the windshield repair.
  4. Environmental responsibility: Repairing your windshield keeps your old glass out of a landfill and uses less resources than manufacturing a new windshield.

Cracked Windshield Repair

Without prompt repair, a small windshield crack can quickly grow – making it harder or even impossible to repair and requiring a more expensive windshield replacement. The experts at Glass Doctor can stop any crack in its tracks with our proven repair process. Call your local Glass Doctor to schedule an in-shop or mobile appointment, or click to learn more about windshield crack repair.

Windshield Chip Repair

At best, a windshield chip is a nuisance; at worst, it’s a distraction and a preventable hazard. At Glass Doctor, we strive to repair your windshield and get you back on the road safely. Our local technicians are skilled at providing top-notch chip repair in-shop or on the go. Learn more about our chip repair process, or contact your local Glass Doctor now to schedule an appointment.

When Do I Need to Replace My Windshield?

Glass Doctor technicians are trained to be honest and transparent about their prognosis of your windshield. We take pride in helping you select the windshield service solution that best fits your needs and keeps you safe. Because large chips and cracks can compromise the structural integrity of a windshield even after repair, members of our team will always recommend replacing windshields with a crack that is longer than three inches or a chip that is larger than 3/8 of an inch.

While windshield repair will leave your windshield sealed and functional, the repair site will be “scarred.” Under careful inspection, it will be apparent that the glass has been repaired. If you are concerned about the appearance of your windshield or if your windshield has a large crack or chip, you should consider a full windshield replacement.

Call Glass Doctor for Fast, Affordable Windshield Glass Repair

Operating 270 locations in the U.S. and Canada, Glass Doctor experts are ready to repair your windshield glass panes. Our local experts are equipped for in-shop and mobile repair that meets your timeline and budget. Contact your local Glass Doctor today for a consultation. For 24/7 emergency service, call 833-974-0209.