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Emergency Board Up Services in Waco, TX

At Glass Doctor Waco, TX we get up in the middle of the night each week and board up businesses that have been broken into. Every night someone in the Waco or in surrounding areas get broken into such as the recent pharmacies getting broken into at night. Glass Doctor Waco, TX is the company that is called out to board up those businesses at night.

The best part of having us do the board up over other emergency board service companies is we are able to take glass measurements right then and get the glass cut first thing in the morning.  In many cases, we will have the glass repaired or replaced before any customers even come into the location.

After years of responding to break-ins and vandalism, we are prepared to respond quickly and secure a business before sunrise. We have plywood, brooms, vacuum cleaners and gloves in our trucks ready to help secure your business that has been affected by a break-in. 

Most customers find that they are a little unsettled after the break in but start feeling better when we arrive.  Having our friendly specialist on site working to secure that facility and helping clean up can sure help take away the feelings that comes with such a mess.

Another type of emergency service is the business has a door that will not shut, has a door closure that is out of alignment or lock that has fallen apart. So don’t just think of us as a glass company, we service all brands of doors, closures, and locks. 

We are here to board up your business quickly so you can get back home and catch a few more moments of sleep before you have to open call us. At Glass Doctor, we fix your panes!