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At Glass Doctor Waco, TX we get up in the middle of the night each week and board up businesses that have been broken into. Every night someone in the Waco or in surrounding areas get broken into such as the recent...Continue Reading

It sure has turned off cold these last few days, it is interesting how the road crews will put down sand and gravel even before ice forms. These extra little rocks on the road create the perfect recipe for getting a broken windshield. 

So what should you look for when having a windshield...Continue Reading

If you are beginning a fixer upper project of gutting your bathroom, make sure to follow interior design shows lead and include a heavy glass frameless shower and tub enclosure. After watching your second or third fixer upper type show, you’ll see a pattern of heavy glass shower enclosures being...Continue Reading

Glass Doctor of Waco, TX is now listed on the Auto Glass Safety Council's official consumer website. The company has agreed to adhere to the ANSI/AGRSS Automotive Glass Safety Standard, North America's only auto glass replacement safety standard....Continue Reading

Glass Doctor of Waco, TX installed windows at a house in central Texas that was being renovated and was featured on the HGTV program Fixer Upper May 22, 2014. We faced an exciting challenge when they installed 26 large windows in the turn-of-...Continue Reading

You’re at a baseball game and your son, or the other team’s player hits a foul ball. *Crash*… glass breaks. Your windshield on your new car was just broken and you need a replacement. Stay calm! It can be fixed easily by calling Glass Doctor of Waco, TX.  We stock the top windshields in Waco and...Continue Reading

Windshield repair is FREE with approved insurance.

  • The insurance companies consider it No Fault.
  • Most insurance companies will waive your deductible  
  • It is cheaper for them to pay for the repair than to replace it.
  • You are allowed up
  • ...Continue Reading

When you use Glass Doctor of Waco, TX for a windshield replacement or shower door installation you’re going to be getting some things that you cannot see. Where do you learn to install auto glass or double pane glass? Nowhere except on the job, and it generally takes three to five years to be...Continue Reading

Many glass claims for insurance companies are handled by the Lynx Network. The process is very simple and can be done with a phone call. The most important requirement is knowing who you are going to choose to repair your damage. 

We know glass and have been repairing glass damage for...Continue Reading

We have very hard water here in the Waco, Killeen and Temple area. Shower doors are usually covered in a gross combination of hard water deposits and soap scum. It's really embarrassing to show your guest to the bathroom with a shower door covered with hard water spots, but you must see them to...Continue Reading