Will Your Windows Cost You Money During the Summer?

The sun's rays shine through a cleanly washed window

Are you looking to reduce your energy bills? While decreasing the amount of electricity you use each month is an excellent way to save money, it doesn’t address the bigger issue. Believe it or not, your windows play a vital part in reducing your energy costs. If you haven’t considered the role your windows play in saving energy, you’re not alone. Most people don’t even think about their windows unless they fog up or need repair - but you should! According to Energy.gov, “Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25%-30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.” In other words, if your windows aren’t energy-efficient, your attempts to conserve energy are far less effective. Will your windows cost you money during the summer? They might. Here’s how your windows affect your electric bill and what you can do about it:

Heat Transfer Through Your Windows

Heat can transfer through your windows, proving problematic whenever you are cooling or heating your home. While some problems are big enough to spot with the naked eye, other leaks are so small that you need to conduct a smoke test to see them. To determine if your windows are letting air in or out, you can conduct simple tests yourself using either a flashlight, incense, or an infrared camera. The purpose of these tests is to pinpoint leaks around your windows. The light from the flashlight and smoke from the incense can help you find window leaks. While you can seal some minor leaks with caulk, more extensive leaks may require replacing your windows. An infrared camera can then show you how well your windows are retaining heat. Do note, if you have single-pane windows, they likely aren’t retaining heat too well, so don’t be surprised when you see orange, red, and white patches (indicating a lot of heat transfer) instead of yellow and green.

Double-Pane Windows

Installing double pane windows or insulated glass units (IGUs) can prevent 25% of the sun’s heat from entering your home, which will do wonders for your energy bill during hot summer days. In fact, many homeowners reported saving up to 50% on their energy expenses with the installation of double-pane or insulated glass unit (IGU) windows. As an added bonus, these windows also help reduce outside noise. This is because double-pane windows and IGUs are made with two panes of glass separated by a vacuum or gas. This extra layer design reduces energy loss and noise while helping maintain your home’s desired temperature.

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Low-E Glass

Coated with an invisible layer of metallic oxides that control infrared light and reflect ultraviolet or UV rays, low-emissivity (Low-E) glass is not usually detectable with the naked eye. However, some Low-E coatings can cause the glass to have a distinctive color. Therefore, it’s best to consult with a professional before you purchase Low-E glass for your windows. Low-E glass blocks over 97% of infrared light generated by the sun, which is why many homeowners consider Low-E glass a smart purchase. For this reason, installing Low-E glass windows is another great way to save money on energy bills each month.

Glass Doctor Can Help

As you look for ways to curb your energy consumption, don’t forget the important part your windows play in reducing your overall energy cost. Energy-efficient windows are well worth the investment, helping you reduce your heating and cooling costs throughout the year. To learn more about how energy efficient windows can help save you money, call Glass Doctor. We provide in-home estimates as well as upfront, flat-rate pricing - and we guarantee our work. Schedule an appointment today to learn more!