Enhancing Your Decor? Try a Custom Glass Tabletop!

View of dining table with glass top and modern chairs in a kitchen with white storage cabinets.

Whether you’re moving into a new home with a beautiful dining room, or you want to redesign your open kitchen/dining room space, a custom-made table with a glass tabletop can be the perfect focal point. Designing and building your own table isn’t difficult and, when you add a glass top, you get a piece of furniture that’s easy to maintain, timelessly classic, and unique to your style and taste. Plus, when you create your own table, you can make sure the size, shape, and style are perfect for you.

Explore Your Creativity

Would you believe that you don’t have to know carpentry to make a table? It’s true! While it helps to know your way around a saw and a hammer when creating a traditional dining room table, there are several creative ways to achieve the end result.

  • Rustic—If you like farmhouse style, country-cottage, or even French-country, the use of a wooden pallet and wood or metal sawhorse legs can create the rustic look you desire. Top it off with a simple glass tabletop to add a touch of elegance (and prevent splinters).
  • Funky—Using non-traditional materials can have wonderfully trendy results. Mount a large vintage bicycle wheel onto the legs from a tall stool and top it with a piece of round table glass and you have yourself a bistro café table.
  • Eclectic—Old doors often have beautiful patterns, timeworn patinas, and are made from solid old-growth wood. This makes them a wonderful option for creating an eclectic dining table. If you’re lucky enough to find one of these treasures at a salvage yard or reclamation store, or yard sale, add hairpin legs and a glass tabletop to create a new take on an old-fashioned look.
  • Artistic—With a few art supplies and some basic carpentry, you can create a surprising shadow box table. Using a large gallery- or modern-style frame, attach it to a matching piece of plywood or particle board to create a shallow box. Fill the box with photos, trinkets, or even fairy lights and top with a piece of tempered glass. Add legs and you’ve got a one-of-a kind dining table to delight family and friends.
  • Industrial—You can make a trendy, industrial-style glass table without any carpentry at all. Just purchase a set of iron-cast finish pipes, add a standalone glass table piece, to create a modern look for your kitchen or dining room.

Distinct Décor;

One of the biggest advantages of designing your own glass or glass-topped table is how many design options are available. Not only can you make your new table the exact size you need to fit the space, you can choose your favorite shape: rectangle, square, round, oval, or even a custom shape. Once you’ve selected a size and shape, you have many different edge types to choose from to enhance your table’s profile. From a simple flat or pencil shape, to the more involved bevel and waterfall style. The edging you choose adds another distinctive customization that makes your table unique. Finally, you have your choice of tinting and color options too, including mirror finishes to help make small spaces look bigger.

Easy Maintenance

Besides adding a personal touch to your décor, one of the biggest advantages of glass tabletops is how easy they are to maintain. Unlike wood or natural granite, glass is non-porous and doesn’t stain—even if you spill red wine! Adding a glass tabletop to an existing wood table can help prevent dings, scratches, and moisture rings from ruining the exterior wood surface. In fact, if you occasionally wipe your table down with a glass cleaner that resists fingerprints, it becomes one of the easiest surfaces to keep looking beautiful. You might enjoy the ease of care so much, you’ll want to get shelves to match.

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More Tabletop Options

To learn more about the different types of glass table tops you can order, and to see the full range of edge options, visit Glass Doctor. Not only can they help you create custom-cut glass, but they can also add or replace other glass furniture like patio tables, writing desks, coffee tables, antiques, and conference room tables. Whether you’re replacing an old or damaged tabletop, or considering a new custom order one, Glass Doctor is ready to help.