Professional Broken Window Glass Repair

Broken glass windows should be replaced as quickly as possible to restore the safety of your home. Whether you need a repair or a replacement depends on the extent of the damage and the condition of the window.

Call Glass Doctor® at 855-603-1919 to have a certified professional evaluate the window break and see if a repair or replacement is necessary. We offer 24/7 and emergency glass repair services at affordable pricing.

Should You Replace the Broken Glass or the Entire Window?

If your window is overall structurally sound, it may not be necessary to completely replace it.

  • During your in-home consultation, our glass professionals will evaluate the damage and determine whether a repair is possible or if a replacement is necessary.
  • During the installation process, we’ll replace and seal the pane and make sure the window is securely in place.
  • In the rare event that the glass cannot be replaced immediately, we’ll securely board the area and schedule a prompt return visit to complete the job.
  • We’ll clean the work area and any remaining debris from the installation.

We follow the same process for double-pane windows with broken seals. The window itself may not be showing any cracks, but when the seal is broken, so is the insulating value. Plus, who wants a window with milky condensation fogging up the glass? We’ll fix that, too.

When to Replace Older Windows

If you have an older home, check for windows that have an identifying manufacturer’s logo etched on the glass. This means the window is paned with safety glass.

If the logo is not there, you should replace the glass as soon as possible. When safety glass breaks, it crumbles into dull cubes while older, annealed glass shatters into sharp, jagged shards.

Here are other reasons to consider replacing your windows:

Upgrading to Insulated Glass Windows

If your home feels drafty or your HVAC bills are climbing, it may be time to upgrade to modern, energy efficient windows.

At Glass Doctor, we specialize in installing insulated glass window units. Insulated glass consists of double- or triple-paned windows that hold an air pocket between the seals. That space, sometimes filled with argon gas, provides insulation and can significantly improve your energy bills.

Benefits of Low-Emissivity Windows

Low-emissivity glass contains an invisible coating to manage exposure to heat and cold. On a hot day, low-emission windows will reflect heat away from the panes. On a cold day, these windows reflect the heat in your home away from the windows and back into the house.

Glass Doctor provides low-emissivity window installation at an affordable price.

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