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Summer is the best time to examine your home's childproofing needs. Even older children are at risk of accidental injury around the home, but there are steps that you can take to keep them safe, even when you are unable to watch them directly.

Glass Doctor® of Victoria provides several...Read more

Summer is here, and with it the bustle of family and warm-weather activities. Before school ends and vacation begins is the perfect time to childproof your home. Preparing your house ahead of time keeps you on top of the mess and helps you prevent accidents from happening. Glass Doctor® of...Read more

Those warm summertime months are finally here! With the kids home from school and the days getting longer, more activity around the house is bound to happen. While added activity around the house can mean messy fingerprints, the spreading of germs, and wear and tear on your sinks, tubs and even...Read more

School’s out for summer! In addition to driving more cautiously, homeowners are “child-proofing” areas frequented by active youngsters. Glass Doctor® of North Vancouver wants security for children and pets to be a priority year-round, and we have glass treatment tips to ensure your environment...Read more

Keeping your home safe and healthy for your kids should be one of your top priorities - especially since school is out for the summer and your kids are going to be around the house all day long. If you are looking for ways to improve your home's child safety, then we recommend using one of our...Read more

In June, your kids are home after a long school year, and preschool may be out. They're ready to play and explore, but parents need to make sure their home is safe for children in summer. Glass Doctor® of London has easy tips to help you keep your little ones safe.

Decrease Mildew and...Read more

Now that summer is here and school is out, you can look forward to having your kids around the house much more. As great as it is to not have to pack lunches and get everybody out the door in time for the bus every morning, a full house means it's also a good idea to consider safety issues...Read more

School will soon be out for the summer, which makes now the ideal time to child proof your home. These simple solutions available through Glass Doctor® of Edmonton will keep your kids safe from injury and illness.

Clear Choice Protectant

By creating a barrier against water and...Read more