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We all know the basic “do’s” and “don’t’s” of the Texas summer. Do: drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Don’t: forget to wear sunscreen when going outside (or just don’t go outside period). But, many people aren’t aware of one crucial “do” that will save you tons of money on electric bills:...Read more

Spring has officially sprung, and while most people are happy to see the return of fresh green plants and blooming flowers, for some people this means the return of allergies after a long winter break. If you're thinking of simply staying indoors to avoid your allergy aggravators altogether,...Read more

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Allergy season got an early start in B.C. this year and while spring is always a welcome site after our cold winters, if you suffer from allergies its arrival often means misery more than merriment. If you decide to fight pollen and mould allergies by staying indoors, you may find little relief...Read more