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Spring ushers in warmer temperatures, but it also brings some unwanted pollen and mould. This can cause itchy, watery eyes as well as coughing, sneezing and other symptoms that turn a beautiful spring day into an allergy-filled headache. In Canada, allergy season starts with tree pollen in April...Read more

Spring has officially sprung, and while most people are happy to see the return of fresh green plants and blooming flowers, for some people this means the return of allergies after a long winter break. If you're thinking of simply staying indoors to avoid your allergy aggravators altogether,...Read more

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Spring is officially here. While this means that your neighbourhood will be filled with beautifully blooming flowers and trees, spring is also allergy season. If you have allergies, pollen and mould can create symptoms that make you feel sick. To avoid this, you can try to stay indoors. If you...Read more

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With spring fast approaching the Saskatoon area, allergy sufferers will begin their annual battle with the unpleasant effects of airborne pollen and other irritants. As a result, many will retreat into their homes in the hopes of relieving or avoiding allergy symptoms or severe reactions....Read more

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Spring is a time of renewal and it can also revive old allergy symptoms that have been buried for months under winter's snow. As the snows give way to spring's thunderstorms and humid, warmer weather, you may seek allergy relief by staying indoors. Unfortunately, indoor mould spores bring many...Read more