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Home Window Repair

When glass breaks in your house, Glass Doctor® of The Tri Cities has the right prescription. We fix or replace windows, sliding doors and other glass around the home quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our home window repair team is dedicated to making your house whole again, whether that means installing new door glass or repairing insulated windows so that they work like new. 

Window Repair

Emergency Glass Services

Accidents happen and bad weather may occasionally strike, breaking your home’s windows or glass doors. At times like these, you can count on Glass Doctor of The Tri Cities around the clock, 24/7. We usually fix broken windows in a single visit, day or night. If specialty glass must be ordered, however, we'll keep your home secure with sturdy board-ups and clean up any splintered glass before leaving your property. We will also make arrangements to return and finish the window repair as soon as the windows arrive and at your convenience.

Double Pane Window Repair or Replacement

If your double pane windows are not providing your home comfort and energy efficiency that they once did, Glass Doctor of The Tri Cities will quickly diagnose the cause. We won’t push you to get entirely new windows if they’re not necessary. In many cases, the seals on some of the panes are compromised, while other panes are still functioning properly to insulate your home. Our glass specialists will repair individual panes if possible, to preserve your perfectly good window frame.

Specialty Glass Repair

There’s not one bit of glass in your home that our team cannot repair or replace. This includes glass in front and back doors, garage door glass, decorative windows, skylights, glass sliding doors, tables, shelving and even custom mirrors.

Window Replacement

If you're looking to completely replace your Pasco home’s windows, Glass Doctor of The Tri Cities will guide you in selecting the best double or triple pane windows, clearly explaining options that will suit your home and your family needs. We’re able to work fast because we stock all commonly used window units and, when special orders are needed our excellent manufacturer relationships come into play. We'll have your order prioritized and filled as soon as possible. We always work with your schedule when installing your new windows.

Upgrading Your Windows

If you don’t yet have insulated windows or you’re interested in Low-E windows, Glass Doctor of The Tri Cities is your go-to team. Your investment in a home window upgrade not only makes your house more comfortable and saves energy; it also blocks much of the noise that intrudes into your living space from outdoors. In fact, new windows may increase your home’s resale price should you decide to sell.

Protecting Your Glass

Stain, scratches, mineral buildup and debris from the polluted air makes window glass look old, ruin your view and make it hard to keep windows clean. Avoiding these issues is simple when we apply Clear Choice™ glass protectant to your home’s glass surfaces. It also works on porcelain and granite in your bathroom, kitchen and elsewhere throughout the house.

Tint Glass

Glass tinting by Glass Doctor of The Tri Cities protects your carpeting and furniture from sun damage, reduces annoying glare and lowers energy bills. Ask us about glass tinting options.

Window Locks and More

Our team makes hard-to-open windows or sliding doors a thing of the past. We can fix broken sash locks and latches for you, too.

Glass Doctor Advantage

Our Advantage Plan® gives you VIP benefits and discounts throughout your membership, including:

  • Front-of-the-line scheduling
  • Discount prices when available on glass services and window repair work
  • A complimentary home inspection
  • Our glass breakage guarantee

Got broken panes or questions about energy-efficient windows? Contact Glass Doctor of The Tri Cities today!