Window Repair & Replacement Services in Ellicott City, MD

If you find yourself in need of window repair, replacement, upgrades or new installations, Glass Doctor® of Ellicott City should be your first call. Our window specialists have years of experience providing the highest level of glass repair and installation and will provide the service you need at the best possible price.

Window Repair Services

When you call us about a damaged window, we'll attempt to repair the window to save you as much money as possible. Many types of minor damage don't require total replacement.

Emergency Services

Damaged windows leave your home less secure against the elements and intruders, making the situation an emergency. We have a window specialist on call everyday to ensure a quick response to reestablish your home's security. If we determine that a repair requires additional materials, we'll first make sure the window is securely boarded up for safety and security.

Double Pane Window Repair

Double pane windows require special attention to ensure they remain effective. Something as minor as a worn seal can allow moisture to enter the gas space and cause condensation to destroy the window's integrity. If it's a glass pane that's damaged, we're able to remove the broken glass and install a new pane in the same frame.

Specialty Glass

If your home has unusual glass components, such as custom decorative panes, garage door glass, sectional panels and mirrors, trust our team to care for these pieces. Modern glass provides the option of use as tabletops and shelves. These provide an elegant look and are easy to clean.

Window Replacement Services

Whether it's a case of a window being too damaged to allow a safe, effective repair, or you just want to upgrade your home's existing windows for better efficiency and curb appeal, Glass Doctor of Ellicott City has several options available.

Window Upgrades

One of the most cost-effective renovations you can make to your home is to install modern, high-efficiency windows. Two of the most popular options are insulated glass units (IGUs) and low-emissivity (Low-E) windows. IGUs add an additional barrier between your home's interior and the elements, using an air-filled space between the panes of glass to insulate your home. Low-E windows feature a special coating that blocks the passage of UV rays, keeping sun glare and heat down.

Additional Glass Services

Along with window repair and replacement, Glass Doctor of Ellicott City also provides several premium services.

Window Tinting

Consider window tinting to reduce the amount of sunlight entering the house. This not only keeps indoor temperatures lower, but also can enhance a room's ambience. Window tinting is available in several shades and levels of tints. Our specialists will help you choose the tint that's right for your particular application.

Hydrophobic Coating Glass Protectant

Glass is a strong material, but it can still suffer scratches and abrasions that reduce a window's clarity. A hydrophobic coating glass protectant protects windows from minor damage and also makes them easier to clean since water runs off the glass. Our hydrophobic glass protectant is a great option for windows that are hard to access for cleaning.

Component Repair and Inspection

Damaged glass is easy to see, but problems interior window mechanisms and components aren't so obvious. Component damage makes window operation difficult. Call Glass Doctor of Ellicott City to perform a complete inspection of your home's windows to ensure no problems are lurking.

Our Excellent Advantages

For the best possible savings, consider an Advantage Plan® membership. Here are a few things you'll get:

  • A free home inspection
  • Discounts on repairs and all glass services
  • Priority scheduling and response
  • Breakage guarantee

If you have a problem and need a glass repair solution, call Glass Doctor of Ellicott City to schedule an appointment.