What Storefront Glass Door Options are Available?

When it comes to commercial options, all glass doors are not created equal. The type of glass door that you choose can make a big difference for your business.

a glass storefront door with black bordering around it

Glass Storefront Door

How to Choose the Best Door for Your Storefront

Before you choose the appropriate glass door for your commercial building, there are at least four influential factors you should take into account:

  • Safety: Are you concerned that people may accidentally (or purposely) break your glass door? If so, prioritize having a glass type that stays in the frame when broken to help prevent injuries and break-ins.
  • Aesthetics: Is it important that your glass look a certain way (tinted, frosted, etc.)? If yes, be sure to choose a glass type that has window tinting or other design options.
  • Quality: Naturally, you want a glass that’s durable enough to withstand applied force. But just how durable do you need it to be and for what purpose? Your answers to those questions will determine what type of glass you may need.
  • Energy efficiency: The door glass can also help control the temperature of your store and save you money on your energy bills each month. If you live in an area where it’s unusually hot or cold, it may be vital that you choose a glass type that insulates well.

Glass Storefront Door Types

Steel vs. Aluminum

Steel and aluminum are both popular choices for storefront doors — each with its own unique advantages.

Because steel doors are heavier than aluminum, they are often chosen to provide an extra degree of security. While steel is an excellent choice for safety, aluminum tends to be a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

If showcasing your storefront display is important to you, it may be best to use the aluminum and glass door option. Aluminum makes for a sleeker appearance, whereas steel is rooted more in functionality.

a glass storefront door with steel bordering around it Steel Glass Storefront Door

Swing vs. Sliding

The way that a storefront door opens sends a specific message to customers.

Swing doors have a more familiar feel. They are commonly used for stores that want to add a personal welcome to a customer’s shopping experience.

Sliding doors often feel a bit more industrial. They aid customers who are carrying bigger or heavier merchandise, or pushing a cart.

If your store has a lot of foot traffic or sells large items, you may want to consider using the sliding door option. For stores with smaller goods and a more exclusive feel, consider opting for swing doors.

a swinging glass storefront door with two door handles attached to it Swinging Glass Storefront Door

Automatic vs. Pedestrian

Automatic doors (available in either swing or sliding styles) provide customers with a catered experience. As customers approach, the door automatically opens. As fancy as this sounds — and with a myriad of customization options, this is the “fancier” choice — there are literally a lot of moving parts to consider. Because automatic doors have many small electrical parts, they can be more costly to maintain.

Manually operated, or pedestrian, doors don’t have as many customization options. But they tend to be sturdier and easier to maintain.

a glass storefront door with a camera on the top Automatic Glass Storefront Door

FAQs about What to Look for in Glass Storefront Doors

Which factor is most important when purchasing storefront doors?

What’s most important depends on the type of store and its location. The type of door glass is one factor; glass that doesn’t break easily will help ensure the safety and security of your store. The rest of the door options vary widely based on the ambiance you’re looking to create and the requirements of your space.

What type of door is most commonly used in glass storefronts?

Aluminum doors with tempered glass panes are often used for retail and service-oriented storefronts, as they tend to have a satisfactory balance of style and security.

Work with Your Local Commercial Glass Doctor

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