How to Remove Scratches from Tempered Glass

Staircase with glass railing

As a parent, you’ll take any peace and quiet you can get. Unfortunately, sometimes kids go silent because they’re doing something they’re not supposed to do. Kids break things – it’s a simple fact of life. Luckily, you can usually reverse the damage without too much harm done. If a scratched shower door or glass tabletop is the latest problem you’re dealing with, here are some tricks for removing scratches from tempered glass.

Inspect the Damage

In many cases, lightly scratched tempered glass can be restored to its original beauty without replacing it. First, clean the glass thoroughly with glass cleaner and a soft rag so you can get a good look at the damage. If the scratch catches your fingernail, it may be too deep to remove with DIY methods. In this case, the best course of action may be to request help from Glass Doctor professionals.

Attempt to Remove Scratches from Tempered Glass

You have a few compounds available to use as a tempered glass scratch remover. Follow these steps to help you restore the glass with the least amount of effort.

Toothpaste and a Soft Cloth

A small amount of whitening toothpaste, which is slightly more abrasive than regular toothpaste, to a soft, clean cloth. Buff the scratched glass in small circular motions. The grit in the toothpaste is enough to remove small scratches from tempered glass.

After rubbing for a few minutes, rinse the glass with water to reveal what you’ve accomplished. If the scratch remains but seems to be getting better, repeat the process up to two more times. Move on to the next step if the scratch is still there after three attempts to remove it with toothpaste.

Liquid Pumice Soap or Steel Wool

Trade out the toothpaste for pumice soap. This heavy-duty hand cleaner has additional abrasive elements that may remove scratches from tempered glass more effectively.

You can also try #0000 steel wool. This superfine grade pad buffs the glass without creating more scratches. Make sure the steel wool is in good condition since the presence of any rust or other imperfections could scratch the glass when you attempt to buff it.

Whether you use liquid pumice soap and a soft cloth or #0000 steel wool, buff the scratched glass by moving your hand in small circular motions for several minutes. Rinse the glass of any residue to assess your work. If scratches remain, it’s time to pull out the power tools.

Buffers or Sanders

Buy a commercial buffing compound designed to remove scratches or polish metals. Popular options include cerium oxide and jeweler’s rouge. Apply the compound you choose to an orbital sander fitted with a soft cloth or a buffing wheel on a cordless drill.

Polish the scratched glass with the sander or buffer while you continually moisten the area by lightly squeezing out a trickle of water from a saturated sponge. This prevents the compound from drying out and creating more scratches.

After several minutes, set the sander or drill down and clean the glass with a soft brush and liquid dish soap. Dry the glass and inspect the scratches. Repeat these steps until you’re satisfied with the results.

Schedule Home Glass Repair or Replacement

A professional may be able to help if you can’t remove the scratches from your tempered glass door or tabletop. The experts at Glass Doctor can often repair scratched glass and if not, we can replace the glass with a custom piece that fits your needs perfectly.

To learn more about our home glass repair and replacement services, please contact Glass Doctor today. Looking for more ways to fix up your home? Look no further! Glass Doctor is a Neighborly company, which provides many different services to help homeowners. To learn more, visit