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Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors from Glass Doctor of Waco, TX allow you to change the dynamic of any room in your home. A custom mirror transforms dark rooms and hallways by capturing and dispersing light into corners and tucked-away spaces. Mirrors have the reflective power to open small areas with the illusion of space. Our experienced glass professionals offer a range of options to create custom mirrors with functionality and beauty that enhances your sense of style. We also customize glass shelves, display cases, glass tabletops and glass decor for your home.

Custom Mirrors Benefit Your Space

Add the Illusion of Depth and Space

When placed in key areas throughout your home, mirrors make the most of your available space. A generous wall mirror reflects surrounding objects, room furnishings, and walls. A wall of mirrors multiplies the effect, giving you a powerful illusion of depth and space. We work with you to make the transformation easy. We meet with you in your home to present our custom design ideas. We listen to your creative input and guide you through the process of selecting the custom mirror decor with the look and functionality you prefer.

  • A mirror-tiled wall to enhance a dark hallway
  • A large framed mirror as a living room focal point
  • A mirrored backsplash to brighten your kitchen work areas
  • A bold entryway mirror to welcome your guests

Share Your Collections

Whether you collect whimsical porcelain figurines, elegant wooden statuary, or fine art paintings and prints, you don't want them gathering dust in storage. Mirrored shelves, display cases, frames and accent decor inspire you to bring your creative pieces out of hiding. We customize your mirror decor with the features you prefer. You choose the dimensions, glass weight, thickness and edge treatments. We create mirror decor to illuminate your collections with natural light.

Release Natural Light

Custom mirror surfaces give your home a new look. Mirrors brighten shadowy areas of your home. They accomplish this by attracting natural light and releasing it into surrounding spaces. We customize your beautiful mirrors by creating them with the dimensions, weight, edge treatments, tints and other features you desire. We share new ways of incorporating mirrors into your existing design scheme.

Reflect Your Style

Our specialists consult with you in your home. That's the best way to immerse ourselves in your sense of style and present recommendations for mirror decor with your taste in mind.

  • Bold: Large mirrors mounted in key common areas
  • Elegant: A single beautiful framed mirror in your dining room
  • Contemporary: A floor-to-ceiling mirrored wall treatment in your bedroom.

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