Door Closer Repair Service

Your door is fundamental to your customers' first impression. A squeaky or obstinate door, that closes too quickly or slowly, looks and feels unprofessional and may even endanger customers. Glass Doctor® of Victoria, BC performs door closer repair and maintenance to ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

How Door Closers Work

A manual door closer allows individuals to open a door easily while ensuring they don't have to close the door themselves. If a door closer is properly installed, it provides some resistance when the user opens the door. After the customer pushes the door open, it should easily and smoothly close behind them. When the user no longer applies resistance to the door, a spring in the door closer mechanism causes the arm to guide the door gently to the frame.

Common Door Closer Issues

A heavy door requires a strong door closer, which will have a strong spring. If a door has the wrong type of closer installed, it may be unsafe, and the door or its closer may suffer damage over time. Our specialists use the proper tools to maximize your closer's lifespan. Only a trained professional should perform door closer repair. An unskilled repair person may use the incorrect type of door closer, or they may install and adjust the closer incorrectly. The result may be damage to the doorframe, misalignments and unexpected door motion. The door may also be difficult to lock, which poses a grave security risk.

Low Oil Levels and Seal Repairs

A broken seal exposes a clearance gap, leaves hardware vulnerable and may even cause oil to leak. Oil leaking from a door closer may also indicate a broken O-ring or a missing screw. Always have a skilled professional replace oil in a door closer to ensure the job is done correctly and to prevent injury. Never void your door closer's warranty by having an untrained individual attempt to repair it. Our specialists receive extensive training to ensure that your door's components are fully functional and safe to use. We also assist with glass repairs, doorframes, thresholds, hinges and other hardware. Don't live with a troublesome door closer, especially when it's so vital to your business' safety. Contact us today to schedule an onsite consultation.