5 Tips for Securing Commercial Property Windows and Doors During Hurricane Season

Commercial area in hurricane

It only takes a moment for strong hurricane winds to destroy a property that has not been secured. Improperly secured doors and windows in the midst of a hurricane can easily create structural and water damage, costing thousands in repairs. That's why it's important to be prepared.

Business owners can hurricane proof windows and doors before disaster strikes. Below, we give our best advice for protecting your commercial property in hurricane season.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Hurricane-Proof Windows and Doors

The tools that you'll use to get ready for hurricane season depend on the setup of your commercial building. Here are some factors to consider when choosing which hurricane-proof methods to use:

  • Are the windows in your commercial building located high or low? Some preventative measures are best suited for taller buildings while others work better for windows positioned lower.
  • What is your budget for hurricane-proofing your building? Some options are more expensive than others.
  • What kind of exterior glass does your building have? Depending on the type, you may need to put more or less additional hurricane protection in place. For example, a building with triple-pane windows inherently provides more protection than one with single or double-pane windows. In this situation, you would need less protection in place due to the durability of triple-pane windows.
  • If your windows are older, how often do you have a professional check your them? If you're not having a glass technician examine your windows regularly for damage that may or may not be visible to the naked eye, you could be unknowingly setting yourself up to incur more damage during hurricane season.

How to Prepare a Business for a Hurricane

Your business doesn't have to be rendered helpless when hurricane season arrives. Start preparing now with these five tips so that you can avoid the trauma of hurricane damage.

1. Opt for impact-resistant windows.

Also sometimes referred to as “hurricane windows,” impact-resistant windows are designed to withstand an enormous amount of force. They are made by combining a heavy frame with laminated and tempered glass. Polyvinyl butyral is fused between these glass layers to generate even more strength.

These windows are designed so that only the first layer may shatter when met with a huge amount of force. However, the laminate and polyvinyl butyral layers hold the glass together so that pieces do not fly everywhere. This feature minimizes damage to your property and reduces the safety risk to people nearby.

2. Cover exterior windows with plywood.

If you're looking for a quick plan to put into place, consider using plywood to cover your windows. This approach is often used with storefront businesses or buildings with windows that are lower to the ground. Plywood is fairly inexpensive and easy to apply. Most importantly, it helps to prevent glass breakage and water damage.

Bear in mind that you will need to have plywood on hand. It would be best to store a supply of it in your commercial building so that you aren't left running to the hardware store when calamity comes knocking at your window. Or you can hire a professional board-up service to handle this for you.

3. Add another layer of protection with hurricane film.

For added protection against strong winds, you may want to also apply hurricane film to your windows. The film itself is see-through when secured. It functions much like impact-resistant windows by holding the glass together if it breaks.

4. Protect all glass doors with plywood or shuttering.

Not only should you protect your windows, but the glass on your doors also needs protection. Using plywood or hurricane shutters on glass doors can save you a lot of time, energy, and headache should a hurricane strike.

FAQs about How to Protect Your Property During Hurricane Season

How do you protect windows and doors from strong winds?

The best approach for window and door protection against strong winds is to first make sure you have the appropriate glass for hurricane weather. Impact-resistant glass is usually the top choice for those preparing for hurricane season. Property owners can take extra precautions by applying hurricane film or by boarding up exposed windows and glass doors with plywood ahead of a storm.

You will also want to make sure you are getting your windows and doors examined on a regular basis so that you can have confidence in their stability.

What is the best protection for windows during a hurricane?

The best protection is prevention. With our Advance Measurement service, the professionals at Glass Doctor can perform door and window checkups, repairing and installing whatever is needed for your business to stay safe.

For more information or to get help preparing your commercial property in the event of a hurricane, contact your local Glass Doctor today at (833) 974-0209 or schedule an appointment online.

If you have been hit with a hurricane and are in need of emergency glass service, please contact us immediately. Glass Doctor offers board-up and other emergency glass services for commercial property 24/7.