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Door Closer Repair Service

Making a great first impression means paying attention to the details. The moment a customer walks through your door, they form an opinion about your store. At Glass Doctor® of Pittsburgh, we help area businesses turn first time visitors into loyal customers by creating beautiful and functional entryways. Our door closer care services are specially designed to ensure smooth and easy operation every time someone enters your facility.

The Importance of Door Closer Care

Door closers are a vital, yet often overlooked, component of commercial doors. When a closer is working properly, it will provide a perfect level of resistance that allows the door to swing open at a controlled speed without being too heavy to operate. Once pressure is no longer being applied and the users has safely entered the store, the closer gently guides the door back to a closed position.

Door Closer Repair

Commercial doors tend to be heavier, which means that they require mechanical components that are engineered to handle larger loads. If a door is equipped with an inadequate spring, it can create an unsafe door that can cause damage to the closer, door and doorframe.

Fortunately, the experts at Glass Doctor of Pittsburgh are fully trained to offer a variety of door closer care service. Starting with proper installation means you will be able to get the most years out of your door and continue to enjoy optimal performance. Regular maintenance from our specialists will also help prevent any abnormal movements, avoid doorframe damage and ensure proper alignment.

Common Door Closer Issues

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

Over time, repetitive use can lead to broken seals and lubricant leaks. If you have noticed excess oil on your door closer, a mechanical failure is to blame. Causes can range from a missing screw to a broken O-ring and lead to a door that opens and closes too quickly. Our specialists can fix any damage and restore the oil to an optimal level.

Difficult Door Locks

A door that is difficult to lock not only increases security risks, it can also cause damage to the door frame. Call our experts for help with sticky locks. We make sure your store is secure and both your door and its lock are operating correctly.

Request Professional Assistance

While it might be tempting to cut corners and have an untrained individual try to repair your door, this could void your door and door closer warranty. Avoid headaches by working with the specialists at Glass Doctor of Pittsburgh. Our door closer care services are affordable and will save you money in the long run by keeping your facility in good working order. Call to learn more about our door closer care repair and maintenance services and schedule a consultation.