Door Closers

Presentation is everything. The quality of the customer service you deliver is governed by the way that you present your business. A customer begins to judge your establishment from the moment they step through your company's front door. If the door makes them feel unwelcome or seems unsafe, then the customer experience is immediately diminished. Glass Doctor® of Tri Cities offers local businesses the door closer service. We will make your business welcoming to all who enter.

Why Door Closers are Important

A manual door closer allows a person to easily open your doors without having to close them manually. Instead, a spring mechanism will cause the door to slowly close on its own. Door closers make opening the door much easier, too. It allows a person to feel the weight of the door before smoothly gliding open. To ensure that these benefits are retained, you need proper door closer care.

Door Closer Repair Service

If your door closer is damaged, you should get it repaired immediately. A door closer in disrepair can cause a myriad of problems. This includes damage to your door frame and forcing your door to swing too quickly, which are hazardous. No door closer is the same; that's why Glass Doctor of Tri Cities is familiar with a variety of door closers. We make common repairs and will install replacement door closers if you wish. Consider these common services we offer:

Seal repairs: A broken seal exposes gaps, which can cause lubricant leaks and mechanical problems in your door closer. We will restore your oil levels and fix the broken seal.

Missing part replacement: Damage or improper installation can cause your door closer to be missing parts. This leads to mechanical issues and other problems such as oil leaks. Our experts can quickly identify and replace the missing part.

Door closer replacement: In some cases, a door closer may be damaged beyond repair. If this is the case, you can have us replace it completely.

Common Causes of Door Closer Damage

Most door closer damage can be avoided by understanding how it happens. Here are common causes of door closer damage:

Incorrect types of door closers: There is no one-size fits all door closer solution for commercial doors. If the wrong type of closer is installed on your door, misalignments and safety issues can arise.

Improperly installed door closers: A poorly installed door closer will cause your door to swing at awkward angles and cause undue wear to your door, the door frame and the door closer itself.

Door frame damage: A damaged door frame will put undue stress on your door closers. This results in additional damage to both your frame and the door closers.

We strive to deliver exceptional service. Call Glass Doctor of Tri Cities to speak with our team about your commercial door closer care options. We are happy to survey your building to determine if door closer care is necessary.