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Custom Mirrors

With the addition of custom mirrors throughout your home, you will enjoy a much more aesthetically appealing and comfortable living environment. The right glass decor will make any room much more impressive to family, loved ones and visitors.

By complimenting your home's unique decor with custom mirrors, your indoor living space will be completely transformed into a beautiful, inviting environment. Impress friends, family and neighbors with the help of stylish, carefully placed custom mirrors.

For outstanding customer service and brilliant craftsmanship, Glass Doctor® of The Tri Cities has long been regarded as one of the most respected names in the business. Our specialists have considerable experience offering clients a wide variety of custom decor solutions to accommodate your home's unique aesthetic appeal. 

Create Depth and the Illusion of Space

The right placement of mirrors in key locations throughout your home helps to create a greater sense of open space, especially in smaller rooms or hallways. Reflecting natural light from room to room is also much easier when utilizing mirrors. Both framed and tiled custom mirrors will accentuate the natural architecture of your home while creating the illusion of additional space. 

Just some of the customized mirror options we provide include:

Mirrored Backsplash: Add depth and a decorative touch to your kitchen area with this reflective backsplash.

Mirrored Wall: A perfect way to create the sensation of additional space in cramped rooms or hallways.

Statement Mirrors: Custom cut mirrors are an ideal detail for mantelpieces or in living rooms.

Enhance Your Existing Art and Home Decor

Ask our glass specialists about custom mirror decor ideal for exemplifying your home's aesthetic style, artwork and furnishings. Our team will cut glass according to your specific tastes, adding tints, finishes, edges and frames that appeal to you the most.

Here are just a few beautiful enhancement mirrors we provide:

Hanging Mirrors: When properly placed in the home, hanging mirrors are excellent at channeling natural light into areas containing your most cherished art or heirlooms.

Mirrored Shelves: Mirrored shelves are perfect for showcasing sculptures, antiques or other valuables by providing a beautiful panoramic view.

Framed Mirrors: Framed mirrors are wonderful for adding some flair to bare walls or accentuating existing art pieces or family photos.

Enhance Your Home's Natural Light

Ensure every room in your house is filled with artificial or natural light without relying upon dozens of lamps. Instead, use hanging mirrors, mirrored shelves and mirrored tabletops to help carry light from one area to another.

Create a more comfortable, inviting and well-lit home environment with mirrors such as these:

Mounted mirrors: These mirrors work well to improve the lighting created by desk lamps and other light sources in the home.

Bedroom mirrors: Adding a mirror to bedrooms will greatly enhance the free flow of natural light or artificial light day and night.

Mirrors That Make an Impression

Full-length mirrors are perfect for areas like bedroom closets, entryways and more to provide you with a comprehensive view of your attire before going to work. Glass Doctor of The Tri Cities is also happy to cut completely customized mirrors to perfectly match your home's architecture and design.

Our team of certified experts will install a number of full-length mirrors such as:

Floor-to-ceiling mirrors: An excellent option for trying different clothing options before leaving the house.

Framed mirrors: Make your bathrooms much more inviting and beautiful by installing a custom mirror, framed and finished according to your unique specifications.

If you'd like to receive top-notch advice in regards to custom decor in your home, get in touch with Glass Doctor of The Tri Cities over the phone or fill out a simple service request online. Schedule your free consultation and our specialists will begin taking measurements along with providing insights into what mirrors would work best for your home.