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Custom Mirrors

Customized interior decor creates a unique look for your living areas and professional office space. It builds a setting that reflects your personal style, and generates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Glass Doctor® of Olympia offers area residents and businesses the experience required for crafting and installing custom mirrors that will show off your space to its advantage. With an unlimited scope of decorating ideas and options, the only limit to your custom mirror vision is your imagination.

New Decorating Depths

Custom mirrors enhance the appearance and depth of a space. Perfect for small areas, like hallways, bathrooms and kitchens, our professional glass specialists are able to fabricate mirrored backsplashes and wall designs that through, illusion, enlarge the interior space. By reflecting the natural light that filters into these areas, a custom mirror brightens and expands a room’s appearance.

Moreover, custom mirror designs are a wonderful way to accentuate artwork or draw attention to a particular area of your living space. When used to reflect architectural designs and artistic pieces in your home such as elaborate entryways, paintings or recessed ceilings, mirrored surfaces subtly draw the eye and create an affluent, clear impression of the surroundings.

Enrich Interior Light

Custom mirror solutions are able to reduce the need for electrical lighting. During daylight hours, the natural sunlight from windows is reflected in bedroom, living and dining room areas. The welcoming atmosphere created is not only bright and cheery; it provides an enhanced value by limiting the use of overhead lighting. Wall-mounted mirrors, strategically placed to reflect the light from floor, desk and table lamps enable you to lower your energy usage.

Professional Service

Our glass experts are knowledgeable professionals. When you call to schedule your free in-home consultation, a specialist comes to your home or office to perform detailed measurements. We listen to your ideas and needs and are able to assist you with personal recommendations. A detailed estimate covering all labor and product charges is created, so you may rest easy in the knowledge that no hidden charges will appear once the fabrication and installation has been performed.

Endless Interior Mirror Options

Choose from endless custom mirror options that match your interior design and establish the ideas you’ve envisioned.

  • Edges: Choose from a variety of glass edging options that either accentuate or downplay the mirror shape.
  • Shapes and sizes: Our professional experts are able to cut and design a custom mirror in any size or shape. Whether you envision a mosaic wall of geometric patterns or a unique free form shape for bold dramatic effect, our glass specialists are able to make it a reality.
  • Placement and installation: Perhaps you have a non-traditional placement in mind for your custom mirror such as ceiling or shower. In addition to framing and hanging, we are able to mount mirrors in a variety of locations around your home or office.
  • Additional options: We also create mirrored shelves and cabinet doors. Don’t forget to ask about our Clear Choice™ glass protectant that reduces mineral and dirt build up on glass, mirrors and granite surfaces.

Make a statement with your interior designs by contacting Glass Doctor of Olympia today. Our specialists offer the professional contracting services you need to create spectacular interior accents that will define your home in a new light.